The end is in site. Only 8 days left of the 28 Day Total Body Detox! As many of you saw on Facebook last night, I had a major cheat night – I enjoyed a glass of Red Diamond wine with some dark chocolate m&msuperfood bars. Some of you will understand that there are certain times in the month that require chocolate and wine. I will say this, doing this program does help with PMS and other symptoms associates with our monthly cycles. And no sense beating myself up over a bit of chocolate, causuperfood bar IIse today I got right back on track. For Mother’s Day, I made the Detox Salad, by Angela Liddon of with new potatoes and chicken for my family. For dessert, Tanya’s Superfood Bar, by Tanya Fraser of Total Balanced Health. These are VERY tasty for a HEALTHY (yes, healthy) dessert for a special occasion during the Detox (or during a critical time of the month). If you’d like these recipes and many more detox tips, you can download our 28 Day Total Body Detox eBook.

I have been doing very well with the 30×30 David Suzuki nature challenge. Today was the first day I missed my 30 minutes outside, mostly because of the very strange weather here in Southern Ontario – rain, snow, sun, wind, cold, warm – you name it, we had it today!

Also some exciting news – the videos from our live 28 Day Total Body Detox event are being uploaded as we speak. Take a look at this first one, where I explain the program outline and hear 2 testimonials from Dan Lawrence and Pat Birnie.

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