The last few days have been a blast! I participated in a great event last night right here in Burlington, called Wealthylicious – founded by Leanne Grechulk. It’s a great event that teaches women (and a few men) about how to create multiple streams of income through network marketing, real estate investing and investments. We also teach about having a Millionaire Mindset and how to create freedom in your life. The event was capped wealthyliciousoff with a great presentation on Health = Wealth by Dr. Erica Mattia (DC). As I had little time for dinner last night, I decided on a shake, it’s simple and easy to digest – especially if I suddenly get a case of the nerves before presenting.

Another detox challenge this morning, I attended The Power of the Entrepreneurial Idea in Toronto – a breakfast event that involved taking the train at around 7 am. I made my green smoothie but by the time I arrived, I was already hungry. I usually bring lots of snacks and sometimes even pack a lunch but I thought I would be home for lunch. The challenge was that the only thing that a gluten-free vegetarian could safely eat at the breakfast were the eggs. No roasted potatoes or veggies and no fruit in site! Needless to say, my snacks disappeared quite quickly! Good thing the speakers were excellent!! Sarah Prevette is a young entrepreneur who has already sold 2 successful businesses and is quietly working on her next big thing! Julie Cole, one of the founders of Mabel’s Labels, also shared the company’s story of how their business began and the challenges that rapid growth can bring. I got a great opportunity to connect with Julie in person, as we stepped off the train in Burlington at the same time this afternoon! There are no coincidences in life and I am grateful for the opportunity to have made a new friend. The keynote speaker was David Chilton, The Wealthy Barber and now a dragon on Dragon’s Den (I never miss an episode!). He is very humorous and shared some of the more laughable entrepreneurial stories from his life.

Biggest detox challenge of the day? Last minute lunch in Toronto as I missed my train by about 5 minutes. So I had an hour to spend and I was padthaihungry. First I tried sushi, but they didn’t have gluten-free soy sauce. I ended up at Oliver & Bonacini on Front St. I asked about their vegetarian pad-thai and was assured it could be made gluten-free. They also told my server that I needed it gluten-free and I asked her again directly for the gluten-free version. What was interesting is that it arrived at my table in less than 5 min. Seems awfully quick to me? As you can see, they didn’t bother to take the cilantro off of the stems for me. It tasted alright, but there was a lot of sauce. Within about 30 minutes I started to feel uncomfortable. The afternoon was full of discomfort and a feeling of not digesting my meal. I took more digestive enzymes which helped a bit. I wonder if I did get the gluten-free version after all….

Have you ever had this kind of experience when eating out?

All in all, a really fantastic day (besides the lunch challenge). The weather was beautiful and sunny, I got to walk outside for at least 30 minutes and I made new friends. What made today special for you?

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