Did I Make a Difference?

Yesterday, I made a difference to her.

Yesterday, I made a difference to her.

I wrote about social media ‘comparisonitis‘ a few days ago. Sometimes we can get really caught up in how many likes we get on a post or an image, how many followers we have or how many people are reading our blog (guilty!). None of that really matters in the end. The bigger question is, did you make a difference?

Gratitude Tip: How are you making a difference for those around you on a daily basis? Whether it’s on a global scale or simply a family sized scale, are you focused on serving others? When we shift our focus on how many people are we serving and being grateful for making a difference in someone’s life, it’s much easier to let go of comparison. 

And there are so many ways you can make a difference in others’ lives. Sharing a smile with a stranger, helping your partner or spouse with the chores, spending uninterrupted time with your children – it doesn’t have to be anything major. In fact, it’s more likely the little things that will make the biggest difference for most people. I know that my daughter loves it when I spend some time playing with her and her Shopkins (without looking at my phone). In those few moments, I’m making a difference in her life.

The other side of this discussion is whether or not we are taking the time to give thanks and recognize others for the difference they are making in our own lives! This is one of the reasons I suggested a #30daysofgratitude challenge. We may think that people in our lives know how they have made a difference for us – and even if they do – it’s always nice to hear it again. I’ve chosen to share my gratitude publicly via Instagram (to Facebook & Twitter as well), but it’s just as powerful to express gratitude in more private ways. Just do it! You can start today! There are lots of suggestions on what to do in this previous post.

Even if you’re not ready to take on a gratitude challenge, how about simply sharing gratitude with those in your immediate circle of family and friends this weekend. Give your siblings a call and say thank you (calling you today Soph!). Call your parents. Show one act of gratitude before the weekend is out. Let’s create a weekend full of gratitude together!

A big thank you to one of my readers, Dorothy, who often takes the time to say thank you. I am grateful for your feedback and your kind words, and that you take the time to reach out.


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