Seek wonder in the ordinary, and miracles will happen that you cannot explainDo you expect miracles? Do you even believe in miracles? I love this way of looking at miracles, ‘Seek wonder in the ordinary, and miracles will happen that you cannot explain,’ Sarah N. Rand. Gratitude is the first step in creating miracles in our lives. How would you like to create a few miracles this week?

Gratitude Tip: An attitude of gratitude is vital for creating miracles in our lives. Since we all come from God, we all have a spark of God within us, which means that we are all able to manifest miracles in our lives. In order to vibrate at our highest frequency and allow for this to happen, it’s essential that we operate from a place of love, gratitude and joy.

Have you read or listened to Wishes Fulfilled, Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer? I have been listening to the audio book again and this time, it’s as if I’m hearing some of it for the first time. There are a lot of references to Scripture in the book and the first few times I listened to it, I didn’t really hear or understand that different scriptures. Now that I have been reading the Bible and completed A Purpose Driven Life, I hear a very different book. It’s truly an amazing guidebook on how to manifest anything (and I mean anything) you want in your life. We tend to think of miracles as majestic religious events, when in reality, there are miracles happening in our lives every single day – and perhaps we’re simply not noticing them. Whenever you find yourself saying, what a coincidence! that’s an example of a miracle at work.

What if this week we focused our attention on looking for the little miracles that are happening around us, instead of focusing on lack of abundance and challenges? This attitude has been seen in many of the evacuees from the Fort McMurray fire in Alberta, after having gone through the worst possible evacuation scenarios, they are seeing things to be grateful for and experiencing miracles of giving and an outpouring of love from around the country and across the globe. The more we focus on what we’ve got and what we’re grateful for, the more will come our way. It doesn’t mean that the situation isn’t difficult or a major life challenge, but a change in perspective will make things a lot easier as you’re going through it.


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