Do You Have a Special Birthday Cake Tradition?

This is the first year in a very long time that I have been this excited about my birthday. 34 years ago today, at 3:30 am, my mom gave birth to me – barely a 6 lb baby  – but I can just bet that I was loud from the start.  There are some great photos of me as a baby where I look like I am screaming!! Birthdays are an interesting thing, as a child, you look forward to your birthdays parties, lots of cake, loot bags and presents.  Somewhere in your teens, birthday parties seem to become less interesting and parties are few and far between.  As adults, we tend to celebrate only milestone birthdays – 21, 30, 40, 50 … you get the idea. Conversely, I have a few friends who take their birthday celebrations very seriously – from one friend who enjoys a week of celebrations, to another who has a party every year.

For some reason, I just haven’t been all that excited about my birthday in a number of years. I celebrated 30 in Switzerland with a few friends, which was really nice.  And the last few years have been intimate gatherings with family and friends.  So, this year, I decided it was time to celebrate! It’s much more fun when you have lots of people to celebrate with.  I teach almost 60 children in 5 different classes, from ages 3- 6 years old.  And let me tell you, the chance to have a cookie (just 1, home baked cookie) in French class was a thrill for them.  I had them sing Joyeux Anniversaire to me at least twice per class.

After that, I had the chance to go out for lunch with the women I work with, shared a birthday celebration with another good friend at school.  And tonight, celebration with family, friends and hubby at Paradiso. Followed by an evening of enjoying my birthday gift – Band Hero – the new Guitar Hero game! Yippee!

In honour of my birthday, I’d like to share my famous Dufflet birthday cake story with you and I’ve included the photo.

Good evening Ms. Rosenberg,
I just celebrated my 31st birthday here in Oakville and I wanted to share with you the story of my favorite birthday cake – your Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. I have included a photo to accompany the story. Do You Have a Special Birthday Cake Tradition?

I discovered your cake back in 1990, at Sanelli’s in Oakville, at Maple Grove Mall. I had tried a piece for dessert one day and decided that this would be THE cake for my birthday. For years, my mom had always baked my birthday cakes. It started when I was a young child and she had a great recipe book for creating the coolest looking cakes – one year she made a train and another a hot-air balloon. I really loved all of the trouble my mom went through to make my cake every year. For some reason, the year of my 15th birthday, it became ok to actually purchase a cake for my birthday. And I knew exactly what I wanted. So, my mom called Glen at Sanelli’s to order the cake for my birthday. It was a huge success. From that point on, I started asking for the same cake every year.

Eventually we moved away from that part of Oakville, but my mom would still call ahead of time to make sure that the cake was in, and order it ahead of time. Every year, it was the same question, “What kind of cake would you like for your birthday?” and the answer was always the same. “Wouldn’t you like to try something different?” she would ask. And my answer was always no – I love this cake. Then, the unthinkable happened – Sanelli’s went out of business! How were we going to get THE cake for my birthday? I swear, I look forward to my cake for at least a month or two before the 29th of January. I generally don’t even eat cake – but there is just something about that Chocolate Raspberry Truffle that is too delicious.

So, my mom now had to find out who carried Dufflet cakes and who had the right one. Eventually she did, although I think that one year I had the Chocolate Mousse one by mistake and it just wasn’t the same. For the past two years, I have celebrated my birthday in Switzerland, as I was living overseas and wasn’t able to get your cake sent by Fedex. Although I did tell everyone about it and although they made an effort to find something comparable, the Swiss aren’t that great when it comes to cakes and pastries. This year, I am finally back in Canada for my birthday and I don’t think I even got the question about the cake – my mom knew exactly where to get it from (Longo’s) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I just wanted to let you know that I am glad that you haven’t stopped making my favorite cake and as long as I am in Canada for my birthday, I will continue to order it, once a year and relish every piece. I rarely invite anyone over for the family birthday dinner, as it is hard enough to share it with my parents and my sister. We realized that it’s been over 15 years since we first ordered the cake and we just thought you’d like to know our little cake story.

p.s. We ended up getting a free large cake to celebrate with the following year.

Do you have a special cake story, or a fun birthday tradition? Share with us in the comments!

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