Ever since I started blogging about four months ago, I’ve been wondering how important it is to have a theme for my blog. One thing that I noticed is that when I met with a group of more experienced bloggers at a brunch arranged by Angela of OhSheGlows is that the first question fellow bloggers asked is what is the name of my blog. Seems like everyone has a theme or a cool name of some sort.  Now granted, a number of them had food blogs, which might make a theme a bit more natural. Here are a few of the things I considered when choosing a theme for my blog:

  • Did I want to create a niche blog, that would appeal only to a small portion of people? A potential here, but a challenge since I seem to a know a lot about many different things and wouldn’t necessarily consider myself an expert in any one field.
  • How about a food blog – would I be interested in writing about what I eat everyday? This idea was quick squashed – you may remember me admitting that I don’t like to cook, so it wouldn’t be that interesting.
  • Or a blog that serves as a journal? Noted, some of my blog posts have had a journal-like feel to them, but I think I use this tool more as a way to open up to followers every once in a while, rather than something I am doing everyday.
  • What about a travel blog? I have certainly traveled quite a bit and usually take 4-5 trips per year, and have a passion for Switzerland and Europe. Again, there are already many great travel blogs and since it’s not my career or something I do that regularly, it probably isn’t the best theme.

I finally settled on one idea that I kept coming back to after looking back at old posts and really thinking about the message that I wanted to share.  Over 7 years ago, I started my first “business” called Motivation4Life! – it was meant to be a speaking business where I would present a seminar on achieving your goals, based on the principles I learned when I overcame a few difficult physical challenges in order to complete Ironman Canada in 2003. The business never really got off the ground, I did a few seminars but didn’t invest the time, effort or marketing dollars into the business. I do still have the website, www.motivation4life.ca – but it has now disappeared as I had created it using Google Apps for your domain, back when they were free. The hosting no longer exists (it wasn’t that great either, but it served a purpose).

Here’s what I came up with: I have been told before that I am really good at inspiring people to make changes in their lives, or to take on new challenges. I am a positive and enthusiastic person, for the most part, and am striving everyday to live a life of greatness. A good news story is always welcome in a world where what we mostly hear is negative and brings us down.

Motivation For Your Life (www.motivationforyourlife.com coming soon!)

Your Daily Dose of Motivation, Inspiration and Good News.

This also fits with my personal philosophy, which is the banner at the top of my blog: To lead a life full of passion and purpose, to rise above mediocrity, to achieve greatness and to personally inspire others to find greatness in themselves.

There are a few technical issues that I still have to workout, and I don’t plan on removing what has been built here at julieboyer.com so stay tuned to see what comes of these new changes! I am open to your feedback or input, if you’ve got some ideas.

For those who have your own blog, how did you come up with your theme?

Have a wonderful spring day everyone!

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