Do you believe that everything in life happens for a reason? I do.  And I am starting to wonder if my little bundle of joy, Céline, was brought into our lives to help us to learn the lesson of patience. We are challenged with a child who doesn’t really like to sleep. I started keeping track of how much (or really how little) our little angel is sleeping. Turns out she’s sleeping less than 10 hours a day.  No wonder I’m tired! Let’s just say that there is little time during the day to do anything else except take care of her.  My parents left last Friday and I am now realizing how hard it is with such a fussy baby to do it all on my own. I am also starting to understand how someone who only has one child needs help around the house. Dan does his best (see last post) but he does have to go to work everyday and there are only a few short hours at night. And since he basically takes over at 9 pm, there’s little time to take care of the house – and we live in a 2-bedroom apartment!

I have often been told that one skill I need to work on is to have more patience and not to get frustrated so easily. I’m guessing I have been sent the biggest karmic lesson of my life, right? I ask for your patience and understanding until this stage passes as it is very difficult to make the time to blog. If you’re a blogger yourself, please feel free to send me some of your posts that would fit into the theme of the blog and I will post a link. I am inviting guest bloggers as well!

Now you’ve probably got some suggestions to help with a fussy, crying, baby right? Here’s what we’ve tried so far: the exercise ball, vibrating chair, swing, playmat, bassinet, Moses basket, swaddling, shushing, side lying, pacifier, thai wrap, kangaroo wrap, baby carrier.  The things that do tend to work sometimes – lying on my chest, breastfeeding (hard to cry with something in your mouth, right?) and of course holding her non-stop.  Of course I’m still open to suggestions!!

So, the blog will be on the back-burner for a while. The only reason I’ve got a moment right now is that a) Dan is working from home (at least trying to) and b) that she’s finally asleep – yup, she’s been up since 6 am. Here’s how cute she is when she is sleeping:

Have a wonderful week everyone and I look forward to your suggestions and possible a few guest bloggers!

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