day at the beach, my year of gratitudeThree days of My Year of Gratitude Project have passed. Amazingly, it’s already making a difference in my life. I feel happier just practicing more kindness and I find myself being grateful more often during the day. I spent the afternoon at the beach with a friend, and I made an effort to listen more, complain less and to be more helpful. I doubt anyone noticed but that doesn’t matter because I feel good just knowing that I am working every day to live up to my core values.

Gratitude Tip: Once you’ve figure out what your core values are, it’s up to you to uphold them and it becomes easier to stop worrying about what other people’s expectations are of you.


And my shift in attitude and behaviour has brought unexpected abundance into my life already. I won a prize in a social media contest I forgot I had entered in! It is true that thoughts become things and that our feelings lead to creating our circumstances, yet it can be hard to believe it when things aren’t going as well as we would like them to. Trust me on this, I know from lots of personal experience, when my underlying emotions aren’t in line with my words and actions, it’s virtually impossible to attract abundance. As soon as I am back in alignment, poof! Everything works out.

What are some of your strategies to help you shift your mood or change your thoughts when you’re caught up in a negative loop?

It’s not too late to join us in the 21 Day Meditation Challenge, every day is posted for 5 days so you can start today and still complete it.

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