This has to be the second most common question that new moms are asked, the first one being are you breastfeeding? The answer over here is NO. Our daughter is now 7 months old and we still haven’t figured out how to get her to sleep through the night. In fact, she still has trouble sleeping during the day as well.

Here is the challenge with this – everyone has an opinion on the topic (whether they have kids or not) and I welcome your suggestions and opinions in the comments of course – but I want to preface this post with this: All babies are different, what worked for your baby may not work for mine (or anyone else’s for that matter).

A quick look at and you’ll see that there are over 350 titles under the category of “parenting baby sleep”. It’s a multi-million dollar business, that’s for certain. There are many different methods from the controversial Ferber method to the more gentle Pantley sleep solutions. And yet, I still feel like we’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. I have a few friends whose babies have been sleeping through the night since they were only a few weeks or months old. And many other friends who, like us, still wake up several times a night with baby. None of us seem to understand why we’re not able to get our little one to sleep through the night – and we have all tried many different methods.

The thing that I find difficult is that sometime it feels like a personal attack on me as a parent when I answer that, no Céline does not sleep through the night, and I am immediately offered a slew of potential solutions. I can understand that people have our best interest at heart, but I just feel like we have tried everything that we are comfortable trying. Now, we haven’t tried letting her cry it out for hours.  The few times I have tried, I am not able to get beyond 10 minutes, at that point she is almost inconsolable and often makes herself sick. For me, this is not a solution that I am comfortable with.  For many parents, they can make it through this and it seems to work for them and their babies. For me, it just feels so wrong for us that I am not able to just power through it. And what makes it even more difficult is that sometimes, the routine we have established, both for naps and bedtime, works like a charm! And other times, for reasons that are unknown, it completely fails!

So, what’s the point of this post? First, for those of you who have babies that aren’t sleeping through the night, you’re not alone.  For those of you whose babies do sleep through the night, count your blessings. And for all of you who have asked the question “does your baby sleep through the night?” know that it’s a very personal thing and that every baby is different.  And perhaps the mom you are asking really feels like she’s tried everything to help her baby sleep and she might just be looking for support as opposed to more suggestions.

The big question is: Do we buy a new Blackberry Playbook OR hire a sleep doula? Thoughts?

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