Healthy Lifestyle TriadOnce again, a favorite celebrity, this time our beloved Gord Downie, singer from The Tragically Hip has been stricken with terminal cancer. Not to mention that my Facebook feed has seen many, many GoFundMe requests of late to help support families who have lost a young parent to cancer. And even more striking, my husband just found out his elementary school friend died of cancer – he was only 32.

Gratitude Tip: How does gratitude fit into this situation? Where does gratitude live when we are talking about cancer and people losing their lives? My hope is that for some who read this blog post, it will be a wake up call. That today is the day that you take action and decide that it’s no long okay to pretend that what we put into our bodies doesn’t matter when it comes to degenerative diseases. And then 2, 3 or even 5 years from now, you’ll look back on this post with gratitude that my words shook you into action.

This isn’t the first time I have blogged about how important it is to take care of our health. Did you know that 67% of Canadians are overweight or obese? This is no longer just about our neighbors to the south. The challenge is not that being overweight or obese is the problem itself – it’s that it is a marker for risk of almost all degenerative diseases, including cancer. The reality is that having a healthy BMI (body mass index) is a priority for all North Americans. You may choose to argue that BMI is not accurate for you, in fact with the exception of the very lean (such as the elderly) or the very muscular (such as a bodybuilder in competition mode), it’s an accurate marker for health. Even if you don’t believe in the BMI, it’s easy for most people to agree that it feels a lot better when we have less weight on our frame.

There are three important things to consider when it comes to releasing weight and reducing BMI, we call it the Healthy Lifestyle Triad: Regular Exercise, Optimal Supplementation and Healthy, Whole Food Eating. In order to achieve and stay at your optimal BMI, ALL THREE are essential, every day, for life. And that’s not to say that all people who are overweight or obese will end up with a degenerative disease – the healthy lifestyle triad is for ALL human beings, even those at a healthy BMI.

Let’s start with Optimal Supplementation. It’s time to be frank. I’ve been partnered with USANA Health Sciences for a decade. I’ve been taking nutritional supplements twice daily since I started my business. Instead of gaining weight over the past decade, I’ve lost weight and am the lightest I have ever been as an adult. My husband is lighter and healthier than when we met 8 years ago – no Dad bod for him. I’ve grown tired of hearing that people don’t believe in supplements – it’s different if you choose not to take them – but telling me you don’t believe that supplements have value, it’s almost rude. Let me put in perspective: Would you walk into a realtor’s office and tell them you don’t see the value in working with a realtor? Even though millions of people world-wide use a realtor to sell their homes, the biggest purchase and sale of their lives? In this wild market right now, it would be virtually impossible to navigate without the expertise that a realtor brings to the table. Sure, you could do it by yourself. Would you have the same rate of success? Would you be able to compete with 12 other offers on the table for your dream home? Perhaps. Would you agree that you would have a much higher rate of success if you did choose to partner with a realtor?

Enough is enough. Here is just one of the (thousands) studies that outlines one of the benefits of nutritional supplementation – this one has to do with weight loss (taken from the USANA Health Sciences & Education Facebook page).


It has been known for many years that insufficient calcium intake may negatively affect the body’s ability to efficiently burn fat. However, micronutrients are rarely discussed when it comes to weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. It is certainly true that macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrates) have a much more significant impact on weight since they provide energy in the form of calories, but the results of many studies suggest that inadequate intakes of vitamins and minerals could impair loss of body weight and fatness. Calcium and vitamin D intake have been associated with decreased abdominal visceral fat, and along with other micronutrients may improve fat loss through increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation. So, not only are you more likely to be low in certain vitamins and minerals if you are cutting calories, it may also reduce the efficacy of your weight loss regimen.

The second part of the triad is Healthy, Whole Food Eating. When I created the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program, it was to have a program the taught people how to cook and create new lifestyle habits, wrapped up in a healthy detox program. I had similar programs before this one yet the concept of a detox has appealed to far more people and has created much more success than the other lifestyle change programs. We’ve had over a thousand people complete this program now, and true enough, people release weight in the 30 days, and most importantly, they choose not to go back to the way they were eating before.

Julie Boyer IronmanAnd the final part is Regular Exercise. This is where I started my prevention journey in 1999, when I first started competing in triathlons. You may have heard my story before, that I completed two full Ironman triathlons without losing a single pound. The reason for this is that until Ironman #3, I only had 2 parts of the triad. And a triangle does not work without all three sides. When I changed the way I ate before training for #3, I lost 20 lb and have kept it off since (yes I gained weight when I had my daughter but I now weigh less than when I did IM #3).

This is a call to action. If this blog post has made you consider making some changes in any one of the three sides of the triad, message me and we’ll talk about a plan of action. If you’re ready to do the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, there is still time to complete it before the long weekend in July. I have another program called the 30 Day Transformation Challenge that may be more appropriate for some. Let’s start a conversation.

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