Everyone Can Be An EntrepreneurIn a world of limitless opportunities, and a 24/7 connected economy, shouldn’t everyone be an entrepreneur? Interesting question. I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk on the Success Magazine CD for August and he brought up a few excellent points – even though we can all be entrepreneurs in the new digital economy, does that mean we should be?

Gratitude Tip: We are living in a truly amazing time in human history. Never before has our world been so connected and have there been so many incredible opportunities at our fingertips. We have a lot to be grateful every day, with smartphones in our hands and wifi almost everywhere we go. The question is, in this You Economy (see August edition of Success Magazine), should we all be leaning towards entrepreneurship?

Vaynerchuk says that even though we can all be entrepreneurs, doesn’t mean that we should be. It takes skill to be a business owner and not everyone has those skills (or wants to learn them). He suggests that sometimes it’s best to be the #2 or the #10 as an employee, instead of being the #1. I found this very interesting. And being surrounded by entrepreneurs on a daily basis, there is a part of me that agrees – some people are best suited to be employees and not entrepreneurs. One of the things I love about our profession (direct sales) is that you can learn the skills to be a successful entrepreneur without having to quit your day job. It’s a great way to find out if being your own boss is the best solution for you.

I believe that anyone can become an entrepreneur, as long as the possess the desire to learn and grow the skill set needed for success. There is a misunderstanding (especially in direct sales) that simply by declaring that you’re an entrepreneur or buying a domain name, that will make you a success. In fact there are a lot of steps and things to master before success is possible.

Here is what I see at the top skills and traits that most successful entrepreneurs share:

1. A solid work ethic. In order to succeed it takes BOTH hard work and working smart. Even in direct sales where you have leverage from building a team, the most successful people will also work hard in their business. You have to decide whether you want to work hard to make someone else financially free or work hard to create financial freedom for yourself.

2. Mastery of their habits. Whether you have positive or negative habits, they rule your life. Successful entrepreneur create more good habits to help crowd out that bad ones and eventually, they are ruled by positive habits that help them to be more productive and inspire growth.

3. They are readers. Most successful entrepreneurs read at least 12 books a year and also listen to books and other audio programs while they are in their car. This is especially true for part-time entrepreneurs, they will make their car a university on wheels.

4. They are not easily influenced by the media or other people’s opinions. Successful entrepreneurs are doing what most people will never do, they are ‘breaking away from the herd’ as Darren Hardy would say. This makes people uncomfortable, so they will often criticize and attempt to bring them back to where they are. Instead, successful entrepreneurs decide that they are going to success, whether you or the media agree with them or not.

5. Surround themselves with the best people. They don’t pretend to know everything, and they will hire or outsource the things that they don’t do very well or that they don’t want to do. Successful entrepreneurs are very self-aware and understand that it’s by focusing on growing their strengths, as opposed to trying to fix their weaknesses that will help them to get ahead.

6. Focus on provide value and service to the marketplace. To be a success, you’ve got to provide more value and better service than the competition. Success entrepreneurs understand this deeply and will focus on both of these daily.

7. Understanding that failure is on the road to success. Failure is not the opposite of success. In order to reach any kind of success as an entrepreneur, there will be failures on the way. Successful entrepreneurs will take a look at a failure, see what they can learn, and quickly move on. They don’t have the time to linger on failure or wallow in disappointment. They are too busy moving ahead and creating the next success.

That’s just a few of the skills I have seen in so many successful entrepreneurs. What other skills would you add? If you’re curious about whether or not being an entrepreneur is right for you, feel free to connect with me via my mentorship application and we’ll set up a 15 minute Skype call together, just to chat about being an entrepreneur.

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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