expect the best, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurWhat if we all simply assumed that life was going to work out for the best? What if when we connected with people, that we assumed they were always doing their best? What if we focused on the best in every situation that came across our path? Would that change our lives?

Gratitude Tips: What you focus on is what you get. When you are focused on seeing the best in other people, and in different situations, that is what you will get. Having a gratitude habit helps us to do this, as we become conditioned to find gratitude no matter what situations cross our paths. And when we are able to assume that everything always works out for the best, we are able to find gratitude in the present moment, knowing that we’re on the right path.


When we have faith in God, it’s a lot easier to assume that everything will work out for the best. We can let go and know that no matter what difficulties cross our paths, He has our best interest at heart and there will always be some good that comes through our trials and tribulations. Our faith is strengthened when things are difficult, because in order to get through tough times, faith is what helps us to keep going. As for gratitude, I don’t look back on difficult situations with gratitude, instead I look back and see how I was able to use my gratitude practice to get through them and move on.

As for trusting that everyone is doing their best at all times, when we think about living as Jesus lived, this is exactly what he did. He saw everyone as a human being and treated everyone with love, especially the sick, injured and marginalized. Instead of making assumptions about how other people are acting and the reasons why, what if we focused on loving them unconditionally and assuming that they are doing their best right now? I believe this is something that we can all do better, especially when it comes to the way we treat those who are in customer service roles. Since I have decided to assume that everyone is doing their best at all times, it makes it easier when I have to make that call to my cell phone company or when I’m waiting in line at the post office. I also remind myself that the customer is also doing their best at that time.

Try this today when you have been waiting in a long line up, start your conversation with the customer service person you’ve been waiting for with a smile and a thank you – ‘I know you’re doing the best you can to serve everyone as quickly as possible. I appreciate the work that you do.’ Do your best to make eye contact when you say this. The impact your words will have on someone’s day could be monumental. When I was renewing my plates for my car, I started the conversation with the woman who was serving me in this way. We had a lovely exchange and things went smoothly, as I had several things to do. While I was there, the man beside me was swearing at the employee working on getting his paperwork done. It was so awful for the person working there, who just kept doing his job as fast as possible. I kept sending loving thoughts to the man yelling and the person on the other side of the counter, hoping my calm energy would help a bit. It is so unnecessary to treat people in this way.

Remember that we are all human beings, with feelings and emotions and that we all deserve to be treated with love and kindness. Start any conversation with these intentions and remember to simply expect the best from every situation you are in – and more often than not, that’s what you’ll get.


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