Find Time for Nature Today

The view from my office window

The view from my office window

It’s Sunday morning and for most of us, we’ve gained an extra hour today as we turned the clocks back last night. I imagine that many of you used the extra hour for an extra long Halloween party! Not at our house. We did make it til just past 6 am before our daughter woke us up. It’s also the first of November, and we’re one day closer to winter.

Gratitude Tip: Make time (you’ve been given an extra hour!) to go outside today, rain or shine. As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, spending time out in nature becomes more and more limited. Take a few moments or even a few hours and head out for a hike to appreciate and give thanks for the seasons we have and the sun that warms our planet and makes life possible.

Living in Canada, we are given the truly beautiful gift of autumn. The leaves changing provide a beautiful feast for the eyes and the crispness in the air with the bright sunshine makes it the perfect weather for a walk outside. Even if you’re not living somewhere that has four different seasons, take note of the nature surrounding you, be aware of the different flowers, fruits and vegetables that are available locally.

As we move into the last two months of 2015, I encourage you to revisit your yearly goals, to see where you are at. Instead of giving up or throwing in the towel because we’re getting close to Dec 31, make a renewed effort to create success starting today. There is no reason why the last two months of the year cannot be your most successful. I’m rooting for you!! A quick shout out to the five ladies on my team who have already committed to creating even more success over the next 90 days!

It’s Day 20 of the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge I began after Thanksgiving. It’s been a wonderful exercise so far and I’m thinking about continuing past the 30 days. How has your challenge been going? Are you still on track? Not to worry if you missed a day, just pick it up again and keep going. Every day that we express gratitude for others is a great day.


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