Finding Joy Today

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  • a feeling of great happiness
  • a source or cause of great happiness : something or someone that gives joy to someone
  • success in doing, finding, or getting something

The only day that exists is TODAY. If you’re waiting for something in the future so that you can be happy, you will never find joy.

Gratitude Tip: Find happiness and joy in the present moments, as you build towards your future. Use gratitude to anchor you in the present and as a gateway to joy.

I’ve been listening to more of the recordings from the live stream at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery and there are so many themes are repeated by many of the speakers. When you hear the same thing again and again from highly successful people, it’s likely one of the keys to success. Happiness is not something to be pursued. Rather it is a state of mind that we can choose every single day. Joy comes from feeling happy more often than not. And gratitude is the key to finding joy and happiness in the smallest and most minute details of our day.

It’s a Sunday morning here in Canada. It’s a chilly morning for October and the sun is making a valiant attempt to peek through the clouds. And in this moment, life is absolutely perfect. I am alive, healthy, strong and happy. And that’s a choice I made when I woke up this morning. You can make a similar choice. Choose to no longer waste any day. Choose to focus on gratitude, even when you’re in the most challenging of situations. Choose to be grateful for life. Choose to smile. Choose to LOVE.

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