How old was your first child when you spent a night away from them? For some people, it’s only  few weeks old and for others after their first birthday. This past weekend, we asked the grandparents to take care of Céline for the night. They live about 50 min away so we had to plan this in advance. I have to say that I was nervous – not because I was worried about them or about her, just wondering how I would feel being apart from her for 24 hours.

I’ve happily left her to go out and tutor, out for the evening with my hubby or friends, or even just to run some errands baby-free. So she had been apart from me before.  Yet those times were mostly in the evening, so she was usually asleep within an hour of my departure.  Leave her for the day and overnight is a different story.  We drove down to my in-laws place for lunch on Saturday.  She had lunch and fell asleep soon after, so we left.  I felt bad not saying good-bye but I figured it was a good sign that she was sleeping in a strange place already.  The hardest part was driving away without her.  It felt really strange.  And when we got home, it was SO quiet.  I felt like maybe she was just sleeping in the next room. We took advantage of this time though and finally put up all of the pictures and bulletin boards that had been sitting on the floor – she doesn’t like the sound of the drill.

That night, hubby and I decided to celebrate our anniversary.  Our 2 year wedding anniversary is July 12th but since my family will be arriving this week (yeah!) we figured this was probably the best time for us to celebrate alone.  Dinner at Milestones (yum!) and Green Lantern VIP 3D.  My MIL called just as the movie was starting to let us know things had been going really well.   That made me feel great and I was really able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

And for the first time since she was born, I slept through the night!! That was amazing.  Of course, I did get up at 7 am and was wide awake but it gave me a chance to clean up.  It’s amazing how much you can get done when there’s no baby to take care of!! By lunchtime, I was really missing my little girl.  I knew they were on their way, so every car that drove past, I would take a peek out the window to see if it was them. When they arrived, I rushed out to the parking lot and hugged my little baby.  And then, she pushed me away and wanted to see Daddy. Yup, it took her about an hour to want to cuddle with mommy again.  We figured it’s because she’s used to Daddy leaving her everyday, but mommy is with her all of the time during the day so she was mad at me.  Who knows how their little minds work?

I am very glad we spent the night away from her and in return, she slept through the night last night.  That’s a big deal around here, 10 hours straight makes us jump for joy.  Let’s hope this pattern continues.  And yes, we’ll be sending her back to the in-laws for another sleepover really soon!

Tell us how your first night away from baby was? Who did you trust to take care of baby? How did you feel? Check in below.

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