Seven days have passed in My Year of Gratitude, a gratitude project. Yesterday was the first day when I felt I wasn’t really living up to my core values. Just like everyone, I have days when I’m not in the best of mood. And like many of us, I could chose to find reasons for my mood (or rather excuses) but now I know better than that. I am responsible for my emotions, no matter what situations are placed in front of me.

Gratitude tip: in every situation we are given the opportunity to choose how to respond and decide how the situation makes us feel. It’s up to us whether we choose gratitude and love, or fear, anger and frustration.


A friend was so kind and offered to help us paint today. She was very helpful and has great suggestions too. I know that because of my ‘mood’ I may have not been as kind as I could have been and I also took some of my personal frustration out on my husband. I’m embarrassed to admit it, yes, but it’s important to share when things aren’t in alignment for me too. Because it happens! I just don’t post it on my Facebook page.

What I am doing differently about it now? First, I choose to forgive myself and accept that not every day will be in alignment. Second, I will focus more diligently on my second core value, which is to treat others with kindness and respect. And finally, I will make sure that I am getting enough sleep. I have been writing these at night before bed, so I’ve been going to bed later. Best to start earlier this week and still get my 8 hours of sleep.

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