It’s Friday! Seems like it would be easy to have a great day – especially since it’s March Break for many of us starting tomorrow. Why not make it a Fantastic Friday? The best one you’ve had all year!

Gratitude Tip: No matter how you felt when you got out of bed this morning, you have the opportunity to create a fantastic day. Start with gratitude – Thank you for another day to be AMAZING! Given the choice, wouldn’t we all rather be AMAZING than ordinary? And shift your energy, immediately. Make a decision right now that TODAY will be fantastic!!


Today I woke much earlier than planned. And I’ve decided that I’m ready to make today fantastic, instead of being tired or annoyed that I was awaken so early. I believe that sometimes when we wake up before our alarms it’s because God wants us to be awake for some reason – unknown to us – so I just go with it.

Get ready for Five Ways to Create a Fantastic Friday!!

1.Turn up the music! Have an impromptu dance party in your living room, car, classroom or office – why not sneak into an empty boardroom, put on your headphones and put on some tunes?

2. Do something kind for someone else. A simply random act of kindness will not only make you feel fantastic but it will also make someone else feel great. It doesn’t always have to be for a stranger. My mom sent flowers to the customer service rep at USANA who has been helping her for 9 years, just to say an extra special thank you – no occasion needed, simply to show her gratitude.

3. Get Your Healthy Back. It has been a ROUGH week for far too many people on my FB timeline when it comes sickness and flu. Check out this post on the optimal health triad. And make sure you’re getting the rest you need. If you’re still feeling unwell today, make today fantastic by taking the day off and resting so that you can heal.

4. Step outside of your comfort zone. It’s comfortable in your comfort zone! Take a step or two (or even a giant leap!) outside of it by doing something that you’re afraid to do or that makes you uncomfortable. It could be as simple as saying hello to a stranger. I loved this video from Darren Hardy this morning about ‘Going First’ – take a peek, it’s only a few minutes long. It’s from his Darren Daily messages – are you subscribed? You can subscribe at the bottom of the post, under the video message.

5. Focus on being grateful for EVERYTHING! The water from the tap, the fuel in your car, the traffic on the roads, the line-up at the bank (it’s Friday, everyone is at the bank), the sun in the sky (hiding behind a cloud or two perhaps), the fresh air to breath – the list is endless.

Are you in? Let’s create our most FANTASTIC FRIDAY of 2016 yet!!

p.s. Network marketing friends, as I was up early, I watched a video from Eric Worre where he announced a super sale on the Go Pro books, audio and Rise of the Entrepreneur DVD. Offer expires in 7 days (March 18th).

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