24-Hour Challenge24 hour challenge: Let’s focus on everything that is GOOD about life today. Let’s commit to sharing only GREAT things and positive messages on social media. Let’s focus on kindness, compliments and love, rather than complaining and negativity. Would you like to join me? I’m committed!

Gratitude Tip: Lately is seems like more and more negative things are showing up in my field of vision. Which means that I am shifting my focus in the wrong direction because the more negative things we see and click on, the more negative things come into our field of view (and our Facebook timeline). Today, let’s all make a conscious choice to focus on sharing great content, positive and encouraging stories and to use words of gratitude, kindness and love with one another.

Since today is all we have and tomorrow is not promised, focusing on one day at a time can be so incredibly powerful when it comes to our behaviour and attitude. Perhaps we need to break it down even further and simply focus on the next hour – can I choose to be positive and avoid complaining for the next hour? I believe that yes, we can all do this. See if you can catch yourself in the middle of a complaint and turn it into a compliment or words of gratitude. Waiting for the train in the rain? Instead of complaining that you’re getting wet, give thanks for shelter, an umbrella, the rain that nourishes the plant the create oxygen to keep us alive – don’t you feel better already?

A great place for good news is the Good News NetworkThey have a website and a FB page, which I follow and love to see come up on my feed. And I love this story featured today: http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/300-south-african-firefighters-break-song-joining-canadian-wildfire-response/.

We are responsible for creating our lives. We are responsible for managing our reactions and emotions. Much of what we see in the media is created to provoke an emotion, usually a negative one. It is so critical that we avoid being pulling into the negativity that is pervasive. Lead by example. Take note of what you are share and re-posting. Is it adding value to other’s lives? I find that I have been getting caught up in the treading topics of Facebook, which is really just another way to get sensational news. I am committed to avoid these today :-). Yesterday I weighed in on the zoo incident as I wanted to share another, more positive perspective. It’s not often that I comment on current events and with the amount of negativity and accusations going on, I felt the need to share a different perspective with my gratitude tribe.

The question is, are you in? 24 hour of focusing on what is GOOD about our world and sharing things that make our timelines better.

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