Creating an amazing day!

Creating an amazing day!

There are many words and phrases that we use on a regular basis that we may not even realize are negative or aren’t serving us. As Grace Keohohou shared with us this past weekend, 90% of the thoughts you have today are the same ones you had yesterday. We are creatures of habits, whether we like it or not. And our use of language, written and spoken, is a result of those habits.

Gratitude Tip: It’s easy to recognize the positive and encouraging words we use daily such as gratitude, thank you, love, appreciation, kindness etc. The ones that aren’t as simply are those that many not really appear negative but in fact are. I can’t is an obvious one, but how about I need, I have to, I should, I’ll try? How many times in a day are you using these phrases? Pay close attention today as you speak and write to the language you are using. Is it empowering and uplifting?

We know that striking ‘I can’t’ from our vocabulary is a good thing, and we can replace it with ‘How can I?’ or ‘Let me look at this from another angle,’ or ‘I’d like some help please,’.  Need is a bit of a different one, as it doesn’t seem to be negative. The noun is defined as ‘a thing that is wanted or desired’ such as a basic human need. The verb is where is it a bit trickier, as it is expression a requirement or obligation. When we say that we ‘need’ to do something, it comes from a place of have to, not a place of ‘I get to’. There is a difference between the two – when you have to do something, it’s because it’s required or an obligation and doesn’t allow for personal choice. Changing our language to I get to, I chose to or I am excited to, changes the way we do things.

For example, if you’re planning to go out and do the groceries, you’re probably saying to yourself, I have to get the groceries done (probably with a sigh). Changing it to ‘I get to do the groceries,’ adds a bit of gratitude to the task. ‘What a privilege it is to do the groceries, when so many people do not have the time or the money to go grocery shopping. And many people around the world have never even set foot in a grocery store. I’m thankful for this opportunity to feed my family.’ Try it today! If you catch yourself using I need to or I have to, how can you turn it around to I get to or I choose to?

This all seems a bit silly doesn’t it? Or does it? As I’ve shared in a previous post, we are energetic beings, and we vibrate at a certain frequency. Isn’t it possible that the language we use when we are speaking AND writing affects our energy and the energy of those around us? And what about all of the unspoken language that goes on in our heads? Is that language serving us or bringing us down? I write a lot, as you’ve probably noticed. I write this blog on a daily basis, I write content for my business and presentations, I write cards and I write in my gratitude journal every evening. And I pay close attention to the words I am using. Do you keep a journal? Go back and read over the past few weeks of entries and you’ll see whether or not you are using uplifting language and phrases.

One last language switch for you today – instead of ‘Have a great day!’ change it to ‘Create a wonderful day!’ You are in control of whether or not your day is wonderful. Remember that today.


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