Focus on your GOAL, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurIt’s go time! Major goal setting happening this week for me and our tribe.I am constantly reminding myself and my tribe that ‘the hows are the domains of the Universe‘ and that our role is to remain focused on the goal, have faith and ‘just keep swimming’ as Dory would say.

Gratitude Tip: We are human beings, here on earth, at the most incredible time in our history as a human race. There are so many opportunities and it’s easy than ever before to achieve our goals. When we stretch ourselves to achieve a major goal, we become uncomfortable and start to lose our big picture perspective. When we make it about what I can do instead of what WE can do, we fail before we even start. Root yourself in gratitude for this incredible moment in time, and then turn the HOW over to God.


The truth is, if we already knew how to achieve our goals, we would have already achieved them! Sometimes it seems like it’s an impossible dream or goals, and that is when it’s most important to tap into your faith. I had a wonderful call with one of my leaders last night, and we both got really excited about how much we REALLY wanted to achieve our BHAG (Big, hairy audacious goal) in the next 4 weeks. We are both able to visualize the finish line and we both feel as though it’s already done. And we are pumped to do our part and work as hard as we can to get there. We also realize that it’s too big for us and our tribe to do it alone. So we agreed to turn some of it over to God. When I put together my plan for the week, I assigned a specific task to God. Why not? There is always some kind of magic and miracles that occur when we put ourselves out there and stretch further than we ever have before. Where do you think those miracles come from?

As a leader, focusing on the big picture, while working down in the trenches, is a key factor in success. I’ve been listening to Gary Vaynerchuk’s newest audiobook, #AskGaryVee and he talks about the clouds and the dirt – what is your BIG vision (clouds) and what are the skills that YOU (your gifts) have to hone in order to achieve it (dirt). It’s a balance of both that are required. The part in between is what I refer to as the HOW, and that’s the part we have the least amount of control over. That’s why it’s so important to release the HOW and stay focused on the clouds and dirt.

What are you going to turn over to God or give to the Universe today? Create a to-do list for you and one for God. Why not? Have fun with this!

Live Launch! julie boyer, 30 day whole body detoxTomorrow is the LIVE launch for the 5th edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox!! We are so excited to have our favorite keynote speaker back again this year, Dr. Olinca Trejo, Naturopath. We will also be hearing from Dr. Erica Mattia, Chiropractor and our juicing gurus, Dieter Staudinger & Rebecca Reble. Tickets are FREE for guests and program clients, but space is limited so we ask that you register ahead of time. – I’m looking forward to seeing you there!! Online sales close tomorrow at noon. We’ve also added a LIVE STREAM ticket option for those who aren’t close enough to attend live. Sales for those tickets end at 5 pm EST on Tuesday.

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