sandra yancey, ewomen networkLast night I had the amazing opportunity to hear Sandra Yancey speak live at the eWomenNetwork Success Summit in Toronto. I’ll be frank, I didn’t know who she was before the event. Turns out she’s a pretty phenomenal woman! Sandra is the founder of eWomenNetwork and a self-made multi-millionaire. She’s a hugger and a down-to-earth, super friendly woman to boot. I’m so incredibly grateful I was right in the front row as she shared her four key priorities for success.

Gratitude Tip: There are time in our lives when it’s important to simply say Yes! and go for it. I don’t normally travel to Toronto for events, but when I received the invitation for this one, something told me that I needed to go. Even while travelling to the event, I questioned my decision to go. And when those thoughts came up, I reminded myself that everything always works out in divine timing, so I was meant to be there. I also used my gratitude practice to talk myself into actually showing up. It’s amazing how powerful gratitude can be when we use it instead of complaining – it gives us energy and helps us to keep moving forward.

Sandra shared with us her Four Key Priorities for Success, and I’ll summarize them for you here, including my take on each one. I felt very aligned with what she shared, and found that we have a lot of things in common – including that we both travel with a blender and our own snacks.

First Priority – Mindset. If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I also spend a lot of time focusing on creating a positive and empowering mindset. I love how Sandra put it, ‘everything happens FOR me, as opposed to happening TO me.’ It’s a simple shift in language but makes a huge difference. Something that really resonated with me is that perhaps the reason why things aren’t working out is because we are aiming too LOW! We are born with the capability to do amazing things – when we aren’t aiming high enough, perhaps the Universe conspires against us, in order to put us on a path to create great things instead of simply GOOD.

Second Priority – Tribe. When Sandra shared this, I found myself smiling from ear to ear. I am so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by an amazing tribe. When we came together as Holistic Lifestyle Creators in January of this year, something shifted and since then, our tribe has been growing at an exponential rate and we are attracting more and more incredible people every single week. Sandra reminder us that not everyone is designed to come into your life for the long term, many are only there for a season. And by letting go of those relationships that are not serving you or even worse, that are toxic, you create space for more amazing people to come into your life. If you want more success, surround yourself with more successful people!

Third Priority – Stay Original. Sandra shared a beautiful story about her husband, who is a musician and songwriter, and his forte was writing ballads. When he was awarded a Gold Record in the late 1970s, it was the height of the disco era. When the owner of the record company asked him what was next for him, he said he was going to write upbeat songs. The owner looked him in the eye and said, ‘Son, the world is looking for the next love song.’ thereby encouraging him to continue to be original and to do what he does BEST. What is the ‘next love song’ in your field? Find your point of differentiation in your own area of expertise and passion and build from there. I’ve see this happen a lot in personal branding, we look at some else’s brand and think, that would be a great way to brand myself! We try to imitate and become like them – and it never works out. Why is that? Because we’re all an original! No two human beings are alike! Stay original and stay authentic for success.

Four and final Priority – Get Going! As Sandra put it, hit the launch button and get moving!! Many entrepreneurs get trapped in the preparation mode and never actually start. ‘Don’t talk about it, BE about it!’ It’s the perfection trap. Entrepreneurs get caught up in wanting everything to be perfect before they start, when in reality, successful entrepreneurs got started and worked things out as they went. It’s much like John Maxwell would say, to be successful you have to continue to fail forward. Success is not the opposite of failure, failure is essential on the way to success, you cannot have one without the other.

She closed with a few amazing life tips, including to be responsible for our own happiness – no one else can make us happy, take charge of creating your own happiness and you’ll find that you’re much happier!

An amazing event, a wonderful opportunity to meet so many incredible women and reconnect with friends I hadn’t seen in years. Totally worth the train ride downtown and the long evening. I am incredibly grateful that Sandra included Toronto on her 30 city tour. I feel very blessed that I had no idea what I was in for – and since I had zero expectations, I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

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