How Do You Connect to God or Source?

oprah and deepak 21 day meditation challenge

How do you connect to God or Source on a daily basis? What are you doing to keep yourself plugged into the divine? How could your life change if you spent even an extra 5 or 10 minutes a day connecting through meditation or prayer? Over the next 21 days, you’ll have the opportunity to…

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How Would It Feel To No Longer Stress About Money? How We Went From Deep Debt to No Money Stress in 2 Years.

How Would It Feel To No Longer Be Stressed About Money-

It seems that more and more people are living under financial stress and strain than ever before. And in Canada, at the end of 2015, ‘households held more than $1.65 in debt for every dollar of annual disposable income.’ (source). More and more Canadians are relying on credit to stay afloat and if you look…

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Eight Essential Success Habits

What does it take to be successful? As we approach the mid-point in 2016, here are my top eight essential success habits. Eight Essential¬†Success Habits 1. Sleep This has been in the news a lot lately, no longer is it a badge of honour to give up sleep. Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post,…

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Building a 6 to 7 Figure Business…In Your Yoga Pants

I arrived home from Chicago at around 1 am last night, my mind totally buzzing from all of the amazing wisdom that was shared with us during the second full day of Next Level You. One of my favorite parts of the day was when Lindsey Hardy spoke about Women In Business – in her…

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The Benefits of Applying Minimalist Habits

The Benefits of Applying Minimalist Habits Over the past few months, we have been reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ in our home, one drawer, closet and room at a time. Here are some the benefits of doing just a bit at a time, every week. 1. Our home is cleaner. With less stuff to put…

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