One of the questions I am often asked is what inspires me? And how did I write a book in just over a month? For me, being outside and walking in nature is where a lot my writing takes place. One of my favorite things to do for inspiration is to walk the labyrinth. Just over a year ago, I moved to within a 5 minute walk of the Central Park Labyrinth. There are no coincidences of course, I’d been living in Burlington for five years already and didn’t even know it existed! Since we moved here, I walk it once a week (except in the winter).

Labyrinth Aerial 1Here is a description of the labyrinth from the website above: A labyrinth is an ancient, geometric pattern that has a single path that leads into the centre and out again. Not to be confused with a maze, a labyrinth was originally based on a circle, the ancient symbol for healing, unity and wholeness. A maze offers a choice of paths, dead ends and false starts; it is our cognitive mind (left brain) that loves to problem solve. Walking the labyrinth involves the creative and intuitive mind (right brain) and can be calming and balancing. 

For me, I will ask spirit for guidance before I start walking and allow my mind to open. Sometimes I simply walk and listen, other times I’ll repeat a mantra and more often I am given something to write. This is how most of my blog posts are written and how much of my book was written. Formulated in my mind while walking the labyrinth or simply walking outside. This morning I had the opportunity to complete my new presentation called Living Daily Gratitude, which is based on my book 30 Days of Gratitude and is about the bookends of our days. I will be presenting tonight for We Can Network in Brampton and on Friday for The Success Academy with Tony Aziz (also in Brampton). Please contact me if your organization would be interested in a similar talk.

Create a wonderful day everyone!

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