Are you a list maker? Is your home or office covered with lists? Do you like to just “get things done”? What is it about us that makes some of us so inclined to cross things off lists?

In my home, there are lists on the fridge, lists on a notepad and sometimes on my phone. There are also lists in the office, on the whiteboard and on the computer. In fact, there are so many things to put on the list, that I keep a pad and paper on the table so that I can jot things down during middle of the night feedings. Some of my lists have been around for months, ok maybe even years. And I never seem to be able to finish the lists. As I cross off things on one list, I start a new one with the few things that are left on the first list. As you can see, it’s a never ending list.

The thing about lists is that they all have a different purpose, don’t they? For example, there is a list on or near the fridge for groceries, there is a list of chores that have to be done – you catch my drift.  In business, I have a prospect list, a customer list, a contact list, a referral list, a list of tasks to be taken care of. The real question is, do the lists serve the right purpose?

It has been said that we should have to-do lists of what has to be done today, this week, this month and this year. Does anyone use lists like these? These type of lists would seem to have a distinct purpose and of course a “best before” date when you’ve got to do everything on the list.  The challenge with these type of lists is that we often do the easy tasks first – put away the laundry, clean the bathroom – before the more lengthy or challenging tasks, like reorganize the storage room or clean the garage. And then these tasks get moved from the daily to the weekly to the monthly list and never get done. I know I have some things that have been moved from list to list and still haven’t been taken care of. That probably means that they aren’t that important, so I should probably take them off the list.

Speaking of getting things done, isn’t there a satisfaction in getting things crossed off the list? I know that I love seeing a list where almost everything is crossed off.  And having a young baby at home, the lists seem to get longer and longer and fewer things seem to get crossed off. Today, I crossed off a big one – I actually cleaned out the fridge. Sounds like a simple thing right? Yet for me it always seems to get transferred off the list. I can hardly explain the feeling of satisfaction when I was able to cross that off the list today. Does anyone else understand what I mean?

Bottom line – if you’re someone who keeps lists, you’ll understand what this post is about – and if not – how do you get through life without lists?!? Seriously, any realistic suggestions about how to handle lists? Or is it a part of our lives that we will never be able to be rid of? Check in below with your thoughts.

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