Giving the Gift of Health

A beautiful view at Lelam Café in Fort Langley

A beautiful view at Lelam Café in Fort Langley

Yesterday I had a unique opportunity to present my Get Your Healthy Back (Holiday Edition) nutrition seminar is Fort Langley. I say it’s unique because I don’t personally have a team or any business (yet) in that area. However, I’ve been working with another leader in USANA, Kimberly, since September and we thought it would be really fun to bring this seminar to her area while I’m here on the West Coast.

Gratitude Tip: Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity, as you never know when it will come knocking. It’s amazing how one small choice can lead to so many amazing things if you allow yourself to be open to change and different ideas. We may not say yes to everything that comes our way, but we can find gratitude in the suggestion of new and different ideas and opportunities.

This is a seminar that I put together over a year ago, and I have been refining it ever since. I’ve done a lot of free seminars in my time in USANA and what I love about this particular one is that I have given the gift of my knowledge and wisdom for free – meaning that you can listen in (without feeling the need to buy or join) and get some great tips on making simple lifestyle changes that you can implement immediately. At this time of year, we sometimes put our health on the back burner because it’s the holiday season. My view is that it’s most important to take care of ourselves right now because it’s a lot harder to succeed in January when you’ve taken November and December off!

The great news for local to Burlington peeps is that I will be doing this seminar again in December on Wed Dec 3rd in Hamilton and Wed Dec 9th in Burlington. Guests are always welcome to come for free, so make sure you save the date! You’ll have the chance to sample some USANA products at both events as well.

Wed Dec 3rd, Waterfront Trust in Hamilton, 7 – 9 pm

Wed Dec 9th, Burlington Golf & Country Club, 7 – 9 pm

What are you doing this month to stay healthy and on track with your healthy lifestyle?

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