GivingTuesday, A Hashtag I Can Support

giving tuesday, daily gratitude project, julieboyerThanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year and I celebrate it twice! Once in October and again last week. I am not as excited about #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday because of the message of materialism and consumerism that these invented holidays create. I shared my thoughts in a previous post. When I saw the opportunity to share on #GivingTuesday, I was excited!

Gratitude Tip: Giving to others who may be less fortunate than we are is a wonderful way to cultivate gratitude. It really puts things into perspective when you realize that $1 can make 4 meals in a third world country. It serves as a reminder that things we take for granted such as running potable water, electricity, a bed to sleep in and a roof over our heads are a luxury that most of the world does not enjoy.

There are many different charities and organizations that I personally support, including the Canadian Diabetes Association and my home church, St Philippe in Burlington. One organization that I support with a recurring monthly donation is the USANA True Health Foundation. The mission of the USANA True Health Foundation is to provide critical nutrition to those who are suffering or in need. It goes beyond nutrition, to helping with education, hospitals, and disaster relief as well. And every dollar donated goes directly to those in need.

Today, I am asking for your donation of the most complete children’s multi-vitamin on the market, Usanimals, to a child in need. Yes, you can donate a bottle of Usanimals through the USANA True Health Foundation directly to a child worldwide. For every 3 bottles that are donated via my website (or my current customers), I will be donating a 4th. It’s easy to do!

Visit my website, and click on Products I Love. The first product is CHF donation. Click on it and you’ll immediately be taken to the shopping cart. Checkout and enter your information and once the transaction has been completed, you’ll receive a receipt and shortly after, a tax receipt. You can do this anonymously if you choose.

Already a customer of mine? Simply log into your USANA account and choose item 899 – CHF Donation, Donate a bottle of Usanimals™ to Children’s Hunger Fund to help children around the world. Choose as many as you like (I suggest 3!) and email me the receipt so that I can keep track of the totals.

Or simply message me and we’ll do it together via email or phone,

How many bottles will I be donating personally by the end of day? I’d love to contribute 10 – which means 30 donations from my community. I’ll keep you posted on the results tomorrow morning!!

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