How Big Are Your Dreams?

How Big Are Your Dreams-

How big are your dreams? Do you give yourself permission to dream big or are you stuck playing small? Does fear keep you from asking for more? What if you decided to start praying bigger, dreaming bigger and allow yourself to get completely carried away by your thoughts? What would happen? Gratitude Tip: One of…

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What’s Your Story and How Are You Telling It?

What's Your Story-

Do you have a story to tell? How are you telling your story? Are you sharing what you want to share and are you being authentic? Yesterday I attended an event in Hamilton called Tweetstock: Those Who Tell Stories Rule The World and I learned the art of telling our stories in a today’s technological…

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Want to Get Out of Debt? Change Your Thinking

Many of you reading this blog post are in serious debt. And perhaps it’s not the first time. You’re probably wondering why this keeps happening to you. The root of the problem is that in order for us to get out of debt for good, we’ve got to change the way that we think, starting…

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Stretching Your Comfort Zone

finding gratitude, julie boyer

How often do you stretch your comfort zone? Daily, weekly, never? We all know that in order to grow and be successful, we’ve got to spend much of our time outside of our comfort zone. The question is are you committed to growth or committed to comfort? Gratitude Tip: Being in business for over a…

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Every Story Has a Beginning, Middle and An Ending. Maybe You’re Just In the Middle.

Our new garden, May 2016

As I was looking at my new garden last night, I realized that it’s so much nicer than it was last year. But if you had asked me how I felt about my garden at the beginning of April, I would have told you that I was upset about it – because at that moment,…

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