Gratitude Craft for The Weekend

Sunset over North Vancouver

Sunset over North Vancouver

How did your Friday go? Were you able to simply be grateful for everything? I did my best, and forgot a few times throughout the day but I feel really amazing about the process and I now know that I can stretch myself and be even more grateful than I already am!!! One week after the Paris attacks, it was the perfect way to honour all victims of terrorism around the world by being even more grateful than ever before.

Gratitude Tip: Challenge yourself to be even more grateful today and for the rest of the weekend. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to be grateful for everything. We are simply not aware or amazed about so many things that make our lives easier. Smoothie for breakfast? Thank you for the blender. Coffee? Thank you for the coffee maker. Slept in a bed? Thank you for pillows, blankets, a mattress and sheets. See how easy it is?

I spent two years sending out gratitude reminders daily focusing on one or two simple things to be grateful for, but until yesterday, I had never thought about spending a day being grateful for EVERYTHING. Why not? Wouldn’t our world change if we all saw everything through gratitude coloured lenses?

My sister found this great idea for an advent calendar this year. from that really focuses on being grateful as we count down to the holidays. It’s an excellent idea and I suggestion you read the full post on how to make it – here is a quick summary (from the post):

Each day pull a popsicle stick, read the blessing, and count how many of that blessing you have in your home.   One of my sticks reads “ways to cook food”.    We have a grill,  microwave, electric griddle, oven, stove, toaster, and fire pit in the backyard.  SEVEN!

Now put that many pennies (or nickels, dimes, etc) into your jar.  Every day it should be a different blessing and a different number.  Some days it will be less (how many cars do you have?) some days it will be more (how many books on the shelf in your bedroom?).  That money (and your family’s gratitude for blessings) will add up quickly.

When the sticks are gone (should be Christmas Eve), count up your money as a family to see how much you get to donate to your chosen charity.  After going through all of the items in your home and seeing how blessed they are, your children may also decide to donate stuffed animals, blankets, shoes, or other things to a local shelter or family in need.

I love this idea and plan on creating it this weekend. I promise to share a photo of the finished project. Anyone what to join me for a quick trip to Michael’s? 20% off coupon til 1 pm today.


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