gratitudeGratitude does make a difference. Trust me on this one. It is such a powerful emotion and beyond that, a very empowering state of being. A life built on a solid foundation of gratitude is essential not only for success, but to traverse all of the challenges that will cross out paths.

Gratitude Tip: How important is your daily gratitude practice to you? Perhaps you’ve been receiving these emails or reading this blog for several years. Have you made a decision to change your thoughts and to make gratitude a habit?Are you sharing your practice with others and inspiring them to be more grateful?


Our 40 days of gratitude challenge created many wonderful side effects for those who completed all 40 days. Not only has everyone created a new gratitude habit, but they all had the chance to flex their gratitude muscle every day. It can be a challenge to think of something new to be grateful for every day. Yet there always is. Even in our darkest of times, we can find something or someone to be grateful for. Gratitude can be the ladder that helps us to climb out of a dark hole when things are at their worst.

You may be thinking how can I be grateful when the world around me is falling apart? This is where faith enters the picture. When you have faith in God or the Universe or a power greater than us, you can let go and trust that whatever you are going through, God will get you through it. And by practicing gratitude while you’re in the worst of it, it makes it easy and faster to get through. We will never understand why ‘bad things happen to good people’ but speaking from my own experience, I have found that using gratitude to get through the most awful of situations has help me and my family.

Today, really focus on your gratitude practice. How many times a day are you giving thanks? Who are you thanking? Do you practice random acts of kindness or gratitude? What about starting your very own #40daysofgratitude challenge? You can start at any time, no need to wait until someone else does it. What other ways are you bringing more gratitude into your life and the lives of others around you?

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