One last photo from Fort Myers Beach

One last photo from Fort Myers Beach

We returned from sunny Florida yesterday evening into the first snow storm of 2015. Makes me all the more grateful to have spent a week away in the sun. I arrived home in time for a wonderful training call with Christa Realba, Your Best Year Ever 2016. Christa doubled her revenue in 2015 and has been an amazing inspiration to thousands worldwide. She spoke about the power and importance of gratitude on the call. Being grateful for what you already have is the key to attracting more into your life.

Gratitude Tip: As you prepare to create your best year ever in 2016, begin with a gratitude review of the past year. Give yourself at least thirty minutes to sit quietly and reflect on all that you are grateful for in the year that has passed. Look at each area of your life and write down three things you are most grateful for.

For the past five years, I have been using Darren Hardy’s Gratitude Assessment from his book The Compound Effect. This can be done at any time of the year and I have found that completing this step before creating goals for the new year puts me in an amazing frame of mind.

A daily gratitude practice is a life skill. Once it becomes a habit, it is the foundation for everything that we do on a daily basis. Our minds are immediately tuned to finding the gratitude in every situation, no matter how difficult. And we often find ourselves suggesting to others how to find gratitude when they are faced with challenges. My family and friends know that when they call me to vent or complain that they will be offered a different perspective on the situation. I’ve been told that sometimes people choose not to call me because they know that I’ll simply offer to turn the situation around for them and they’re not ready for that yet.

Last night on the call, Cheryl MacLellan shared that she is now doing seminars in her town on living daily gratitude and creating gratitude habits. I love seeing the message of gratitude being shared by so many gratitude ambassadors. I am super proud of you Cheryl! And grateful that you are sharing the message of daily gratitude.

Will you be taking the time to complete a gratitude review of 2015? Are you ready to create an amazing 2016 together?

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