Gratitude In The Simple Things

We had dinner with friends yesterday and one of them shared how he found profound gratitude while eating a peach. We are blessed to have fresh local peaches this time of year, and he was thinking about how so many people around the world will never even taste a fresh peach. And how blessed we are to live in Canada and to have an abundance of fresh produce this time of year. To me, this is truly what it means to live daily gratitude.

Gratitude Tip: When we find gratitude in the details of our day, that is when we are truly living daily gratitude.


Gratitude doesn’t have to be anything big or something that is difficult. In fact, the best way to be grateful on a daily basis is to keep it super simple. If you’ve been reading my daily gratitude emails, you know that I focus on being thankful for things such as breathing, water, nature and family & friends.

Another benefit of sharing gratitude when you’re with friends is that everyone starts to share their stories of gratitude. We met new friends a few days ago who have immigrated from the Middle East. They love their country and it’s beauty but realized that it would not be a safe place to raise their families. They decided to come to Canada and leave behind a war zone. It is so simple for many Canadians to take for granted how safe our country is and how blessed we are to live in a country that so many other flee to as a safe haven.

If you are on holidays today as many people are, enjoy your day and take a few moments to reflect on what you have to be most grateful for.

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