Gratitude is My Prayer, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurWhether you choose to believe in God or not, prayer is an important tool in all of our lives. And it’s not used nearly as much as it could be. Do you have rituals in your day where you are giving thanks? What about your children? Are they learning how to pray and give thanks?

Gratitude Tip: Expressing gratitude and giving thanks is a form of prayer. When we say thank you for what we already have, we are asking God or The Universe or a power that is greater than ourselves to give us even more to be thankful for. Writing in your gratitude journal is a form of prayer. Giving thanks before a meal is a prayer. Saying ‘thank you for this gift of another day’ when you wake up is a prayer. When we widen our scope about what prayer looks like, we may find many opportunities in our day when we are praying.

Growing up, there were no traditional prayers in our home (that I can remember). Interestingly, I grew up in a time when we still said the Lord’s Prayer in public school, so I prayed at school. Without any context for this prayer however, I didn’t really understand it or take it seriously. My own relationship with God and with Jesus came about when my daughter was born. After having lived over 30 years without a solid spiritual or religious foundation, I found myself drawn to having my daughter baptized when she was a few months old. I didn’t really understand this, as I did not go to church or believe in God. I went to the small French Catholic church in my city and was told I needed to attend twice before her baptism. I found that to be a bit ‘cheap’ and decided that if there was a God, then I’d better go a few more times just in case. I ended up really enjoying the service, I like the routine of things and the traditions of the service. And I was enjoying the messages.

What I hadn’t realized is that a lot of the messages I had been reading and listening to on my personal development journey, had come from Scripture. I loved it when I would read the verse of the day and remember how Jim Rohn shared the same story in one of his audio programs. I was hesitant to put my faith in God, and learn about Jesus, but eventually I did. Over three years ago I become the Sunday School teacher, without any knowledge of Jesus’ life, I started sharing His story every week with the students. There is no better way to learn something that to teach it.

My own practice of praying has grown and evolved as well. At first, my focus was only on gratitude as my prayer. Which on it’s own, can be very powerful! I manifested many wonderful things in my life using gratitude intentions. Over the past few years, I have grown my relationship with Jesus and with God, on both a spiritual and religious level. This weekend I watched War Room, a Christian film about the power of a prayer strategy. This is a great movie if you’re curious about the power of prayer, whether you are a Christian or not. I found myself in tears a lot during the film, not out of sadness, but simply by listening to the powerful prayers the actors were saying. It was a very cleansing film for me.

You don’t have to be religious to benefit from the power of prayer. A prayer of gratitude can change your life. When you give thanks, do it from a place deep inside of you, right from your cells and create a beautiful vibration at the highest energetic frequency possible. Send out your message of thanks into the world and watch carefully what comes back to you. You will be amazed and surprised at the gifts that will show up. For those who do believe in God and/or follow the teachings of Jesus, tap into this higher power in prayers of gratitude.

What are you prayer practices? How do you see your gratitude practice now? Has your perspective shifted?

And finally, a reminder that Friday Jan 29th will be the first day of the #40Daysofgratitude challenge! Set your daily reminder and I’ll see you on Facebook and Intagram.

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