Happy and Grateful Halloween

My Elsa Ninja

My Elsa Ninja

It’s Halloween! And it’s a Saturday! There are so many Halloween related events that are happening today in our area, what about you? I love the costume part of Halloween but I’m not a big fan of the sugar part. Since my primary business includes helping people to get rid of sugar cravings, this weekend will certainly be a challenge for me and many of my clients.

Gratitude Tip: Enjoy your Halloween weekend and focus on the games, costumes and having fun! Show gratitude for your body (and your kids!) by paying attention to how much junk you are consuming. Help your kids to find other ways to enjoy the spirit of Halloween without making themselves sick from too much candy.

Here are a few things we’re doing to help with the sugar rush:

First, making sure we all eat proper meals tonight.  According to pizza.com, tonight is one of the top 5 nights for pizza delivery of the entire year! Plan ahead and make sure you’ve got a healthy (early) dinner planned so that no one is going out trick or treating on an empty stomach.

Second, wait until you’re home to consume any treats. This is easy from a safety standpoint, it’s best to examine all treats and wrappers before you eat anything.

Third, encourage your kids to drink water (avoid juice or pop) to minimize the amount of liquid sugar.

And finally, invite the Switch Witch to come to your home while the kids are sleeping.  She comes to your home and trades candy for a toy. No, not all of it has to go, but let your kids keep their favorites and trade the rest with the Switch Witch. My daughter is super excited for some new Shopkins.

My recommendation for the traded candy and treats? Throw it out! You don’t want to be eating it either.

Ready to RESET- (1)If the sugar cravings have already started and you’d like to stop them from getting more uncontrollable as we move into the holiday season, you can join me in our group RESET challenge starting Monday November 9th. We’ll be doing the 5 Day RESET Jumpstart program that helps to get rid of the carb & sugar cravings, resets your blood sugar levels and most people will see their pants get a bit looser and the scale drop by a few pounds (average weight loss 5 lb in 5 days). You can order directly from my website, www.julieboyer.usana.com. I’ll extend my offer for a free Blender Bottle to my blog readers until 10 pm EST on Sunday Nov 1st. If you’re already a Preferred Customer with me and have a USANA account, simply email me your receipt for the free gift OR a $10 rebate if you already have a bottle. info@julieboyer.com

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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