Composite image of 2014 and 2015You’re probably wondering why I’m already posting about the New Year when it’s only Dec 27th. For our family, this marks our new year because one year ago today my husband was unexpectedly laid off from his job and our world changed very quickly. 2014 has been a year filled with more challenges for our family than most people would face in a decade. And I know that we are not alone in facing some difficult times in 2014. I have a feeling that we aren’t the only ones who will be happy to turn the page on the calendar and start fresh on January 2015. I love the image above, because it’s time for 2014 to make room for 2015!

At this time of the year I usually focused on goal setting and creating my year on paper before it even starts. After being forced to take almost a month off (due to illness) from my business and from working in general, it’s a bit more of a challenge to get back on track, as opposed to previous years. And that’s perfectly ok! I love setting goals and creating vision boards and manifesting my dreams and desires. What I’ve come to realize over the past few weeks is that sometimes just allowing some of these things to happen and not pushing myself to get it all ‘done’ during the holidays it just fine. In fact, with the business success that was created while I was literally sleeping, it has opened my eyes to that fact that sometimes less truly is more.

Ask yourself this, how much of your life is spent planning, organizing and striving for the next milestone? And how much time do you spend letting go and letting the Universe do some of the work for you? We are not alone in our journey to the fulfillment of our deepest desires and wildest dreams. And sometimes the way to make it all happen is to take your foot off the gas and let it happen. As you are creating and planning for this year, allow yourself space and time for these moments of rest and quiet. It’s quite possible that you will end up reaching your goals and milestones even more quickly than ever before.

Happy New Year!

Much love, Julie


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