thanksgiving poem

Photo credit: Kerry Hills

May today be the start of a wonderful tradition of gratitude that continues throughout the holiday season. I published this poem on Canadian Thanksgiving, and I think it really captures my feelings about gratitude.

Simple Gratitudes – by Julie Boyer

The light that shines when you flip a switch,

The machine that sews to fix a stitch.

The motor that whirls when you want to blend,

The sun that sets for every days’ end.

The water that flows, so pure and clear,

The candles we light to toast another year.

The plants and trees that keep us alive,

The bees that buzz and live in their hive.

The moon that lights our evening sky,

The rousing sounds of a baby’s cry.

The love we feel from a stranger’s hug,

The worn out threads on a simple prayer rug.

The shoes that protect our toes and feet,

The fridge that is full of food to eat.

Our heart that beats within our chest,

The blood that flows without any rest.

The car that carries us from A to B,

The privilege of living in a country that’s free.

The list of things we can be grateful for

Is never ending and will always be more.

We’re blessed to live in an incredible time,

Let’s give thanks for our journey, especially the climb.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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