Have You Seen Tony Robbins Live?

tony robbins, julie boyer, daily gratitude, gratitude projectYesterday was the second time I had the incredible opportunity to see Tony Robbins LIVE. I can totally understand why people want to see him live again and again. The Power of Success event was held here in Toronto, right by the airport and was a full day event featuring some amazing speakers including Les Brown, Barbara de Angelis and Bob Proctor. There were at least 5000 people in attendance.The closing (and most anticipated) speaker was Tony Robbins. He spent over two and a half hours with us and let me tell you, I haven’t worked out like that in ages!!

Gratitude Tip: When opportunity crosses your path, you have two choices, accept and make it happen or reject and make excuses. Everyone who attended the event had to make sacrifices in order to be there. And everyone I spoke to was filled with gratitude about the choice they had made. 

tony robbins, julie boyer, daily gratitude, gratitude projectThere are lessons from all of the speakers but I know that you all want to read about what Tony Robbins shared most of all. Momentum is such a powerful force in our lives and this comes from having a lot of ENERGY. Robbins showed us how to have more ENERGY at any moment in time by simply changing our state. Changing your state can be a simple as a visualization or as fun as an impromptu dance party (there was a lot of dancing and jumping around!). Change your state = change your emotions. As he reminded us several times, we can instantly change our habits and our state of mind by making a DECISION to do so. That’s all it takes.

Two keys to success are mastering the Science of Achievement AND the Art of Fulfillment. Achieve without fulfillment and you end up rich, successful and miserable. We all know that happiness is an inside job, that nothing that comes from the outside can bring us happiness. Robbins put it simply:

Progress = Happiness

And he also acknowledges the importance of Grace as a part of the process. You must be willing to believing that there is a greater power at work in our all of lives and the Universe in order to manifest your dreams. He calls it God, as do I.

‘You are the CREATOR of your existence’ – Robbins.

We are no longer in the information age, we are moving into the age of wisdom. Yet we are all so caught up in our devices that we are missing out on life. We are completely caught up in doing stuff that keeps us ‘busy’. We are forgetting to live and contribute and be of service. To me, ‘busy’ is an excuse, it’s not actually real. Our lives are created by the choices we make every day and if you choose to fill up your days to the brim with things you HAVE to do, you’re not leaving any space for creating a life you LOVE.

Be the one in the room with the most energy. Be the person who enters a room and lights everyone up. Be the human whose light is so bright that you are illuminating others. Be happy.

It was amazing to see so many of our leadership team attending! Plus I saw so many friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. A great reunion for a greater purpose. On a side note, did you know that Tony Robbins will be at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event in Las Vegas this Oct 14 – 17? I have two extra tickets to this SOLD OUT event. Please message me if you’d like one of them!


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