Holiday Tips In Action!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to follow my own advice as it was my husband’s work Holiday part here in Burlington, at Spencer’s At the Waterfront. Today’s post will be about how I put my own tips for staying happy and healthy this holiday season into action.

Gratitude Tip: How many of us like to share tips and give advice? Making top ten lists is common practice for bloggers. Continuing with the topic of alignment I wrote about yesterday, when you share your tips, are you following them yourself? Be authentic when sharing tips and tricks! We’re all humans and therefore not perfect. Sharing best practices is very helpful, and even more powerful when we’re following them ourselves. So how did I do last night?

Before heading out for dinner (a late dinner for me, as we usually eat before 6 pm), I made a small Nutrimeal* smoothie to tide me over. I didn’t want to fill up on appetizers by heading out on an empty stomach. And I also knew that the chances of me being able to eat any of the appetizers was slim to none (vegetarian, no gluten).

As I no longer drink alcohol (expect perhaps on New Year’s Eve!), I didn’t have to worry about drinking on an empty stomach. That’s the biggest challenge for many people, as the first thing you do at a party is grab a drink at the bar. In fact, the minute we entered, they told us where the bar was.

Thankfully, the food at Spencer’s is excellent. It’s one of the best restaurants in Burlington, with world class chefs. Before the meal, I had two of my Digestive Enzymes* (side note: these were featured on The Dr. Oz Show last month!) to make sure that I would be able to digest my meal. Whenever I eat out, I will take my enzymes before the meal. Just in case! My dinner option was the wild mushroom & chestnut polenta. I’ve only had polenta a few times, and this dish with a variety of wild mushrooms and kale was excellent.

My sugar cravings were satisfied with a strawberry sorbet topped with a meringue spiced with fresh ginger – a very delicious combo. That was at 9 pm – so very late for me! Eating that late, and especially sugar, makes me wake up super hungry and craving sweets. And I couldn’t keep myself from enjoy the little box of Walker’s Chocolates when we got home. I am seriously excited to do the 5 Day RESET program* the first week of January.

Late bedtime followed by a 4:45 am wake up by my daughter (so bizarre, she never does this!!) means today I put a full packet of REV3* powder in my morning smoothie – usually it’s just half. Very tasty and hopefully helpful to get through another amazing day as we inch closer to the holidays.

What are you tips and tricks for enjoying a holiday evening out? I had a wonderful evening, didn’t feel like I overate, digested my food well and was well hydrated. Treating your body well on a night out can actually make the experience (and the next morning!) a lot more fun!

Thank you to Coyote Software for a wonderful evening! My husband works with a wonderful group of people!!

*Products mentioned are USANA products that I love and distribute. For more info, please visit

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