Take a closer look at this blog title – how are you INVESTING your time? Most often, we talk about how we are SPENDING our time as opposed to making an investment. When we shift from spending to investing, it changes our perspective around time. Wouldn’t you rather invest your time in yourself, your family, your business and your kids? Same with our money; in order to became wealthy in finances, we have to choose to invest some of our money and not simply spend it all. Could a shift in language be that powerful?

Gratitude Tip: There is a lot of power in our words. The words we speak out loud, the words we write and especially the words we say to ourselves. Changing our language is part of making the shift from scarcity to abundance. Investing vs. spending is a common topic in finances, so why aren’t we applying it to the rest of our lives?

This past weekend I invested over 36 hours at the Art of Abundant Wealth seminar here in Toronto. One of the first concepts we learned about was the difference between investing and spending our time. And it was easy to see how quickly everyone’s attitude shifted when we focused on how are we investing our time.

At the Archangel Summit a few weeks ago, Giovanni Marsico shared a similar concept around investing with the Four Currencies. According to Giovanni, they are:

  • Your Time
  • Your Gift
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Reputation or Brand

Here’s how it works. First you decide how you are going to INVEST your time. The challenge for most people is not that they don’t have enough time, it’s that they are a choosing to invest their time in activities and people that aren’t serving them. Ask yourself this, if I invest more time at my job, what does that lead to? However if I invest more time in my spouse, kids or family, what could that lead to instead?

Next, you want to invest time in figuring out or developing your gift. We all have a unique gift and purpose that no one else shares. And it’s our duty to figure that our and then share it with the world. The world needs what only you can offer. What is it that makes your heart sing? What makes you light up from within when you are doing it? For me, my gift is to inspire the world to wake up and give thanks, by sharing my message of gratitude every where I go.

As you grow and develop your gifts, you’ve also got to invest time in the right relationships. And I want to emphasize RIGHT relationships. You’ve heard this before that you are the sum of the 5 people you are spending the most time with. Who are the 5 people you could be investing in instead?

And finally, once you’ve invested time into developing your gifts and are surrounded by people who support you, uplift you and trust you, then you start to build your reputation or brand. Whether you are in business or not, you are a brand. It’s becoming more and more important to be authentic when building a brand, whether the brand is you or not, we are all looking for real people behind the brand.

abundant thinkerWhere are you investing your time right now? Is that serving you? Would you like that to change? I’d love to invite you to invest your time this Saturday, as I’ll be speaking at the Lifestyle & Leadership Masterclass in Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle, on Gratitude & Leadership. I am one of the keynote speakers with Christa Realba, another leader in USANA who is a personal friend and mentor, and she will be speaking on how to build your business using social media – she is an EXPERT in this field! I’d love to see you there – please message me for a free guest ticket.


Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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