How Big Are Your Dreams-How big are your dreams? Do you give yourself permission to dream big or are you stuck playing small? Does fear keep you from asking for more? What if you decided to start praying bigger, dreaming bigger and allow yourself to get completely carried away by your thoughts? What would happen?

Gratitude Tip: One of my favorite Jim Rohn quotes begins with ‘Let others lead small lives, but not you,’ – BUT NOT YOU!! That’s it. You have the opportunity to live big and dream big and pray big. Being here, on this planet, at this particular moment in time is an amazing gift. And the best way to say thank you is to stop playing small. You were built for amazing things! And the only thing standing in your way is you. 

We are on Day 13 of the 40 Day Prayer Challenge, based on the book Draw The Circle: The 40 Day ¨Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson. I have been reading the chapters in the evening, right before bed and highlighting key phrases, and then first thing when I wake up, I will review what I have highlighted and then draw a circle around myself on the carpet and pray. I’ve also started a little prayer journal for the first time in my life. So now when I say that I will pray for someone, I add their name to the list and then I can pray for them every day, whereas in the past I might have only prayer for them once or twice. Over the last few days, the underlying message of the daily chapters has been all about praying BIG and crazy prayers! And it’s really had an impact on me.

I am someone who likes to write down goals and achieve them – it’s something I have been doing since I was quite young. At first, it was all about recognition and at this point in my life, it’s more about how many people may I be of service to. When we dream bigger dreams and set bigger goals, we can be of service to more and more people. And since we all have very unique gifts, we have the opportunity to be of service in our own way. I often get comments from people who look at what I do and how I run my business and they say ‘I could never do what you do!’ – and my response is always, ‘Good! I want you to do what you do best, and not do things the way I do!’ We are all unique, 7 billion people with 7 billion ideas, talents and gifts to share. When we choose to dream big, we could possibly change up to 7 billion lives!! Even if we only changed a few hundred, or a few thousand or maybe a million – don’t you agree that would make a difference?

‘The way you steward miracles of God is by believing for bigger and better miracles. God stretches your faith so you can dream bigger dreams.’ Day 13 of Draw The Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge.

When crazy ideas come into your conscious mind, don’t ignore them! Write them done. Catch them before the fly away. And pray over them. Not every idea will be the right one for you, give each one a chance to grow and blossom before you decide whether to act on it or let it go. Another fantastic book about dreaming big is Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love how she writes about ideas being living entities. And I believe that there is truth to that. God speaks to us through creative ideas, moments of inspiration or quiet whispers on the breeze. And it’s up to us whether we capture the idea and take action or simply let it go back into the flow of energy.

How big are you thinking? Today, take note of all of the crazy, big ideas that float by your consciousness. And ask for guidance in prayer. Take action if prompted. Who knows where your big idea will take you?


Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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