Ready to express her faith by dancingMy daughter and I go to church every Sunday. We attend a tiny church in downtown Burlington, the only French church in the area. For a while now, she has wanted to sit right up front. I’m not sure if it’s the same for you, but at our church, the first few rows are always empty, no one wants to sit right up front. We used to sit comfortably in the back few rows but she really wants to sit up front. And the last few weeks, she has been asking to dance up front with the musicians. As a parent, I was struggling with allowing her to express and worship in her own way and my own fear of her embarrassing me or taking away from the service.

Gratitude Tip: How do we let our kids grow and express themselves when our own fears and discomforts get in the way? When our kids want to do something that wouldn’t do or don’t want to do, how do we let them do it anyhow? I’m not talking about things that are dangerous or sinful, simply things that our outside of our own comfort zone. How do we do this? By remembering that we all have different gifts from God. And that our gifts and the gifts that our children have are not the same. By allowing our kids to explore and push our own boundaries of our comfort zone. And by remembering that the best way for them to grow is by allowing them to express their gifts.


She has been dancing to the music at church for a while now, and our priest has always encouraged her. He believes that it brings some life into the service and that it’s perfectly ok for her to express herself through dance. She has a lot of courage! For a while she has simply been trying to dance in the pews or the aisle, but she really wanted to room to express herself. Last week she went right up front and danced every time there was music. It was really uncomfortable to me as I didn’t want her to cause any issues or take away from the service. She wasn’t uncomfortable at all and was expressing her worship through movement. After the service, our priest let me know that it was absolutely ok for her to dance and he encouraged her to continue. He spoken about how it’s important for our young people to feel like they are contributing to the service and involved in the church so that they will continue to attend. Dancing is how my daughter expresses her gifts. And my role is to let her go and do it!

Yesterday I shared how I quit drinking Diet Coke because of my daughter. My daughter has influenced my life in so many positive ways and I am grateful every day that she chose us. I am thankful every day that God gave us the gift of one child, the perfect child for us. How have your kids been a positive influence in your life?

Today is Day 7 of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox for me, and our first group detox starts today! Even though we are knee deep in snow, and I mean knee deep, we are moving ahead with the program. Our next group start is the 11th and then the 18th of April. Would you like to join us?

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