Our Thoughts and PrayersAre With Those in Fort McMurrayYou’ve seen the devastating news about the wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta? Even for those of us who don’t watch the news or television, it’s all over social media, and with good reason. And you see many people posting the ‘our thoughts and prayers are with those in Fort McMurray.’ Does this make any difference at all?

Gratitude Tip: A thought is energy. I’ve written many times about how our thoughts and feelings carry a certain vibration that is sent out into the world, and what we send out is what is returned back to us. When we say that our thoughts and prayers are with someone or in response to a tragedy, it does make a difference. What we can do to make it more effective?


The first step is writing the words. Often I will choose to simply write the words, as opposed to sharing the story and spreading negativity (for example during a terrorist attack).

The second step is to actually stop and pray. Take a moment, put down the phone or shut the laptop and pray for the people you’ve posted about. Make the prayers specific and say them out loud if possible.

The third step is to continue to give thanks for your current situation, in light of what others are going through. Our perspective quickly changes when we realize that in times of tragedy and disaster we have many blessings to count. This also adds more positive vibrations into the world, which always helps with healing and recovery.

And finally, repeat several times a day. This is how our thoughts and prayers will actually make a difference, even though we may be worlds away from the situation.


Our first big group of 30 Day Whole Body detoxers finished their 30 days yesterday! Congratulations everyone! What I hear from most of my clients is that they are not going back to the way things were before and many are choosing not to go back to coffee, or reduce their previous intake. Did you miss out on that first group? Not to worry – we’ve got another group starting this Monday May 9th and we will likely have groups starting the 16th and Tuesday the 24th after the long weekend – which will be our last big group of the season, as it’s much harder to do the detox in the summer. Stay tuned however, with the launch of the new USANA MySmartFoods line and the new 7 Day MySmartStart program, we’ll be doing a mini-group cleanse starting on June 20th, right before the summer holidays. Great little tune up before the summer and a fantastic way to try the new foods line – which is non GMO, has no sugar added, 18 g of protein per serving and 8 g of fiber!!

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