Losing someone you love is never easy. Whether it be a spouse, a parent, a relative, a friend or even a child, it is not something that we get through unchanged. There is only one thing we do know for certain, that from the moment our spirit arrives here on earth, it is on a round trip back.

When you truly change the way you think about all of life, the world begins to look very different. You being seeing everyone and everything as if they have round-trip tickets: You know they all arrived from spirit, and you know they must return. – Dr. Wayne Dyer, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life pg 196.

Life will go on for those who still alive on earth once our loved ones have passed. How is it possible to look at such a difficult, yet inevitable, part of life through the eyes of gratitude?

First, start by going through the grieving process. It is natural and very healthy to grieve. It isn’t to be avoided or kept inside. And if you find yourself stuck in grief for a long and uncomfortable period of time, seek professional help so that you can move on with your life.

Second, your daily gratitude practice becomes even more important. It may be difficult to find anything to be grateful for each day. You might not even be grateful that you are left behind and still breathing. Try to find even one small thing that gave you hope or gratitude for a gesture of love that someone gave you. Over time, as your habit becomes more and more solid, you’ll eventually find it easier to find more things to be grateful for every day.

Third, know that something good does often come from our losses. Our path in life can be shifted dramatically by a loss, especially a sudden loss, so take a look in your own past and the past of those who are around you to observe what good did (eventually) come from a loss. Although we will never be grateful to have lost someone we love, perhaps we can find gratitude in what has changed since that time. Many activists have been called to action because of a personal loss, one that was truly devastating at the time.

Finally, see if you can find your faith, even when a loss is sudden and you’re stuck asking yourself why. Faith in God, the Universe, Buddha, the Tao – whatever name you choose for it, now is the time to dig deeper and find the spiritual connections to help you. It is always when times are most difficult that our faith is tested. JulieB


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