Did you know that I had a fear of jumping on a trampoline? Hard to believe, but before yesterday, this was a very real fear for me.

Many of you saw the videos of me doing a back and front flip on the trampoline at Aerosports Trampoline Park in Oakville (see below for videos). My daughter had a PD Day from school and I decided to take her to the trampoline park as she hadn’t been there in almost a year. We used to go almost every week last year with friends. However, this post isn’t about the trampoline. It’s a post about healing and self-confidence.

When we first arrived at the park, I offered to jump with my daughter and she told me she didn’t want me to jump. So I didn’t. I had never jumped with her before. But there was something inside of me that kept telling me to go and pay and jump today, so I finally did.

What was holding me back? Why didn’t I just go for it from the beginning? Think of a similar situation in your life, where you really wanted to do something but you let someone else hold you back. What if you’d gone ahead and done it anyhow? How would your life be different today?

You may be thinking, what’s the big deal, why didn’t you just jump? A year ago, the last time I had been there, I had a broken foot and a very sore big toe, and a pretty sore lower back. Even simply walking around the facility with her caused me to be in pain. I had been wanting to jump for a long time but I was scared of hurting myself and worried about how much pain I would be in. For at least 5 years, one of my goals has been to heal my foot.

And then two years ago, I had a serious infection in the big toe of the same foot – essential making it even harder for me to walk without pain. The gift that came out of the infection was that the x-ray of the toe (checking for infection in the bone, which there wasn’t) showed that my sesamoid bone in that same foot (one of two small little bones in the foot pad) was fractured. Which explained the pain! The challenge was, no one really knew what to do about it.

Last April, I attended a USANA event in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to spend some time with J Leman, ex NFL player, USANA Diamond leader and devout Christian. A chance meeting outside of a restaurant led to a conversation about the pain in my foot. He offered to do a healing for me right then and there. I figured I had nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain, so I said sure go ahead. I had never experience anything like that before but I was open – especially since I had tried to find solutions for years and wasn’t getting anywhere.

A few months later, I had forgotten about the healing and was still walking around on a broken foot. A series of strange coincidences lead me to connecting with an ankle & foot surgeon right here in my city. After our first consultation, he recommended wearing the AirCast for 6 weeks. I had done this in the past but it didn’t help – but this time I was so determined to heal that I was religious in wearing it and resting my foot. That helped heal it partially, but in order to completely heal, he recommended the ultrasound bone stimulator machine (that you use at home) for 3 months. Thanks to my husband’s insurance, we were able to get the machine.

In December of 2015 I returned for one last x-ray of my foot, and the bone is now completely healed. And because I had rested for 6 weeks, my toe pain had dramatically decreased and for the most part, is no longer keeping me from doing daily activities. It wasn’t until I saw J at the event in Chicago last week that I remember about our healing session. I truly believe that was the catalyst for bringing everything into my life that I needed to heal.

As for my lower back, I have been working with my physio Jill Mueller for the past year, and during that time she has been taking course after course and sharing different treatments with me as her knowledge of the pelvic region have improved dramatically – who knew that back pain could be related to the pelvic floor? And I also committed to doing the home program she assigned to me, which included not only exercises, but visualization and meditation as well. And I have seen a big improvement.

While I was in Chicago for the event last weekend, there was a beautiful bonus event which included a worship session. At the end of the session, there was an offer for healing. Having seen how a faith healing had helped with my toe, I was completely open to having another session for my back. After the session, I truly believe that my back is healed. I am continuing to do the exercises and visualization recommended by Jill and when I do my affirmations in the mirror I affirm that I am in perfect health and that my body is completely healed. Even though it may not seems 100% healed from physical standpoint, I know that I am healed and it may just take a bit more time for it to appear on a physical level.

Which brings us to the trampoline park: I finally felt that I could go for it! I had the courage to try it without being scared of hurting myself or being in major pain the next day. I realize that from the outside and the videos on social media that it didn’t look like it was a momentous occasion. It was for me. And I loved every moment of it.

When I did that first front flip – I was nervous! It had been almost a decade since I had done any kind of gymnastics. Yes, in case you were wondering, I was a gymnast from age 4 – 12, and amazingly my body still remembers how to do these tricks! Going for the back flip, that was a bit scarier. I almost face-planted the first time, but by the third time, I was landing on my feet.

I’ll be 40 in a few weeks. And getting on the trampoline, playing with my daughter and reliving some of my gymnastics days was an amazing gift. I am grateful to God and all who have had a part in my healing. Yesterday was a day to remember. On the way home, I said to my daughter, I hope that when you’re my age, you remember when your mom took you to the trampoline park and did flips with you.

Now it’s back to you. What are you afraid of doing? Are you dealing with chronic pain? What if you could just go out and jump on the ‘trampoline’ of your life? How would your life change? Live a life with no regrets.

There’s no reason for you to live with pain or injury or illness – there are so many different options for healing today, and no matter which one you choose, know that it starts with a BELIEF that you are healed first and foremost. And if I can be of service in any way on your healing journey, please reply to this email or connect with my via info (@) julieboyer.com or via FB messenger.

Thank you for giving me space in your inbox and your life! Together, we can conquer the fear of jumping – into anything you dream of!

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