Unseasonably warm here for February!

Unseasonably warm here for February!

It’s February in Canada, and my Facebook timeline is full of people sharing how they are sick, their kids are sick and everyone around them is sick. Preventative health is not just for degenerative diseases, taking care of your body and your cells is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Gratitude Tip: Your body is a beautiful gift, filled with trillions of cells who all have specific functions to keep you alive! Showing gratitude for our bodies is so important because while we’re here in this lifetime, it’s the only place we have to live. The fact that two cells came together to create you and your body is a miracle, caring for yourself is all about being grateful for the gift of life that you’ve been given.


So how much does it cost you to be sick, or for your kids to be sick? Let’s look at it from a financial perspective:

Most jobs do allow you to take sick days, but if you go beyond those sick days, you are forced to take time off without pay. If you’re making $50K a year, you earn approx. $200 a day. An unpaid sick day (if it’s only one) costs you $200 before taxes.

If you’re a solopreneur, such as a coach, consultant, registered massage therapist, chiropractor, designer for example, you don’t get sick days. A day off sick for you or your kids could cost you up to a $1000, depending on the kind of work you do.

Beyond the financial perspective, taking time away from your job or business means that you have to catch up when you return, which increases your stress levels and sadly, makes it more likely that you will get sick again.

What can we do about this? We can start by investing in preventative health. Don’t have a preventative health budget? Take a look back on the month of January – how many sick days did you take and how many did you have to take for your children? That’s your budget.

Here are my top four things to invest in for preventative health:

1.Self-care – this can be very inexpensive. I posted 40 ways to invest in self-care this year in a previous blog post.

2. Healthy, whole foods, choosing organic whenever possible to reduce the toxic burden on your cells. Live by the 90-10 rule – 90% of the time make the healthy choice and give yourself the 10% for indulgence and pleasure.

3. Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements for you and your kids. To me, this is no longer a choice but a necessity. What I’ve noticed is that my friends who invest in supplements for themselves and their kids are sick much less often (sometimes not at all!) then those who either choose not to or invest in brands that are not pharmaceutical grade. Check out this post for how to choose a supplement and why USANA stands out from the rest.

4. Regular cardiovascular exercise. Our heart is a muscle and it’s super important to ‘work-out’ for our heart health. Walking is great! Anything else is a bonus. This type of exercise can be very inexpensive or free once you’re purchased good shoes.

An Evening of Wealth,Wellness and WisdomIf you’d like to learn more about staying healthy this winter and avoiding the cold & flu season (without a flu shot), please join me and our Holistic Lifestyle Creators tribe on Tuesday Feb 9th in Burlington or Tuesday Feb 16th in Kitchener for An Evening of Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom, which includes a full hour of the Get Your Healthy Back Nutrition Seminar.

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