This is a very special blog post dedicated to my dad, Jérôme Boyer. There are so many things that he has done throughout my life to help me be successful, but there are two very key things that I wanted to share with you today.

When I first started my business back in 2006, my parents were my first associates. They have always been amazing at supporting me. My dad never really got involved, he did use the products for a while but the habit didn’t stick.  He did give me one referral though. A good friend of his, Peter, has a daughter, who is my age. At that time, she had just opened a personal training studio. Jérôme suggested to Peter that she and I should connect about this Usana thing I was doing. It was a great referral, because through that connection, I met Brian, another trainer. Over 3 years later, Brian is now working at One Health Clubs, and when they mentioned they were looking at bringing supplements on board, Brian thought of me and Usana. Long story short, we are now partnered with One Health Clubs and it’s the start of an amazing journey together.

The second thing is a card he gave me back on June 26th, 2007.  I believe I had just level advanced in my business. It’s one of those Blue Mountain Arts cards. I have had it on my bulletin board for over 4 years because the poem has inspired me daily.

“Success is what happens when you don’t give up. Your dreams are just around the corner – waiting to come true … I believe in you, and I know your hard work, persistence, and dedication will pay off. And when they do… they will be extra sweet because you will know you have earned your rewards. I’m proud of you, and I hope you will achieve all that you wish for – and more.”

This post is for you Jérôme, I love you and thank-you for your amazing support!

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