What are your DREAMS?  photo credit: Sara Martel

What are your DREAMS?
photo credit: Sara Martel

When you say you are going to be somewhere at a certain time, are you? If you’re given a task to do, do you complete it on time, or rush at the last minute? How true to your word are you? Last night we had our first Evening of Wealth, Wellness & Wisdom here in Burlington, and it also coincided with a small snow storm. The weather was clear a few hours before so we went ahead with it. I was absolutely amazed that every single person who had said they would be there, was there AND arrived early. Truly a very reliable group of people who attended last night.

Gratitude Tip: Being honorable with your word goes back to your integrity. How often do you say you’ll do something or be somewhere and don’t show up or complete the task? When we are living a life based on gratitude, being reliable is a part of this. It’s showing gratitude for the person whom you made a commitment to. It’s about being grateful that they put aside time for you. It’s being grateful that someone trusted you enough to assign you a task to complete. 

We lead very full lives and sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we’ve said yes to too many things and it turns out we won’t be able to complete what we’ve committed to doing or be where we said we would be. Here are a few simple strategies to avoid appearing unreliable:

First, ask for help. Too many tasks on your plate? Rather than waiting until the last minute, ask for help as soon as you realize you’re not going to be able to do what you said you would do. It’s much easier to find someone to help when you’ve got time on your side.

Second, create more space in your calendar. When we fill up our calendars in every available space, we leave no time for margins or the unexpected. An easy way to be on time and be where you said you would be is to leave space around your appointments. Instead of having to explain that there was traffic or bad weather, give yourself the space to arrive early if all is clear and on time if you run into a challenge on the way.

Third, communicate. If you are in a situation that is out of your control. perhaps a major highway closure or a family emergency, communicate as quickly as possible. This happened to me just before the holidays, I had a call planned with a potential vendor and the time came and went without the call coming in. I was a bit miffed as I had put aside the time for our call. Within a few hours, I received a message with an apology and explaining that there had been a family emergency and he was not able to communicate until now. We were able to move on and reschedule and he has been 100% reliable since.

Finally, if you’re not very reliable (ask your friends and family for honest feedback if you’re not sure), you can start to implement these tips today and make 2016 the year of reliability. This is a skill that can be learned and improved, if you choose to make it a priority.

I am grateful for all of those that I can rely on. Together we can do so much more then if we were doing things alone. Last week we launched our new tribe name and introduced our leadership team. Working with 5 other amazing leaders means this tribe of Holistic Lifestyle Creators is going to grow at an exponential rate in 2016. Interesting in finding out if our tribe is meant for you? Fill out our mentorship application and one of our leaders will be in touch within 24 hours.

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