Teaching our kids to avoid disappointment

Teaching our kids to avoid disappointment

Do you sometimes feel as though you’re being disappointed by other people or situations that don’t turn out as you had thought they would? Does the sting of disappointment leave you feeling hurt, let down and unloved? Learning how to avoid disappointment is so much more powerful than simply letting go of disappointment when it happens.

Gratitude Tip: Disappointment is linked to our expectations. We are disappointed because someone did not do what we expected them to do or a situation did not turn out the way we had thought it would. Letting go of expectations is what will free you from the hurt and pain of disappointment. When we choose to live in the present, it is easier to let go and let life unfold as it will. Use gratitude to keep you grounded in the present moment.

I grew up with the pain of disappointment because I always had expectations of how things would turn out. Being someone who is organized and likes to be in control, I usually have a plan of how things are going to turn out already in my head. Often, that would not be the case, and family and friends would ‘disappoint’ me. I use quotations because it’s virtually impossible for someone else to disappoint you. Disappointment comes from within. All we control is how we act or react in a situation and we cannot control what someone else will do.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few strategies to help let go of expectations and avoid disappointment all together.

1.Communicate clearly. If you do have a clear plan of how an activity or event will unfold, share it with detail. This is also important to avoid feeling disappointed by your spouse or partner. Lack of clear communication is what often leads to the feeling of being let down.

2. Use creative visualization in a positive way. When we visualize a positive outcome for an event, this is far more powerful than when we focus on a negative outcome. Visualization draws to you the power of God or The Universe or Spirit to help you manifest what you really want. Clarity of your desires is also important. The more clear you are, the easier things will manifest as you have seen them in your mind.

3. If you’re the one who has organized the event and it involves other people, show up as your best self at all times. Delegate appropriately and let go and have faith that others will do what needs to be done in order for your event to be successful. Remember that in almost all case, everything turns out for the best, even if it didn’t turn out exactly as we had imagined it.

4. When you’re inviting someone to an event, a party, a seminar or to look at your business or products, invite with confidence that they will say yes, without any attachment to what their actual answer is. For example, you’ve invited someone to come to an event for business that you are confident will be of value for you and for them. You are confident that if they knew what you knew, they would attend. And they say no (the reason is NOT important, and I encourage you NOT to ask for it). If you are unattached to the result of your invite, you’ll let go and move on to the next person with ease.

5. And finally, remember where disappointment comes from – it comes from US. When you feel that feeling come up, ask yourself, why am I disappointed? And what could I do to avoid this in the future? Chances are that one of these suggestions will help you for next time.

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