It would seem obvious that gratitude would be a part of any vacation, right? However I find that sometimes, it can be a challenge to be grateful on vacation when we are out of our routine and our daily habits have changed. Perhaps because I am such a creature of habit, I find it a challenge when my schedule is different and I don’t have the same routine – especially my morning routine!

Gratitude Tip: How do we stay grateful on vacation? By grounding ourselves in gratitude every day. No matter where you slept, or what you woke up to, wake up and give thanks. Take a quick moment for prayer or meditation to ground yourself in gratitude for the day. Depending on the type of vacation you’ve taken, you may end up having more time for this. And remember that there are so many others who do not have the opportunity to travel and take time off.

My family has been living far apart for almost a decade and now my sister and her family are in North Vancouver and my parents outside of Kelowna, so we’ve made the trip to BC to see everyone. One of the challenges we face with every visit as a family is that we are together every minute of every day for a week or so when we do get together – sometimes after not seeing each for a year. Add a few young kids to the mix and it can be challenging. What we’ve learned over the years is that most of what we argue about isn’t relevant or important, so it’s best to let it go as soon as possible. That’s one thing my family is very good at – we may fight – but we get over it quickly and forgive easily. There are no grudges carried around.

Vacations are a stressful time for many families. Use gratitude strategies to help you get through it. Stuck waiting in a long line at Disney? Remind your kids that most families cannot even afford to enter the gates. Delay on the plane? Remember that there are about 20% of people who have never even been on an airplane! Problems checking into a hotel or campground? Find gratitude in the fact that you do have a place to rest your head for the night. When I travelled in Europe many years ago, there were a few nights where I didn’t have a place to stay and ended up in the most interesting of accommodations….

So if you are enjoying a week of vacation as I am this week, make sure that you continue your daily gratitude practice and when you’re in a stressful situation, look for a way to re-frame it with a gratitude strategy. At the very least, you’ll probably smile and relax a little bit, even if there is nothing you can do to change the situation.

I love being on vacation, however as we all know, we tend to make different choices about the food we eat and what we drink. As I will be heading away again a few weeks after I get home, I’ve decided to the the new 7 Day MySmartStart Program starting on Monday Aug 17th. It’s the newest program from USANA and I did back in June when the program was first released and we’ve had groups starting weekly. The great thing about this program is that you are doing 2 smoothies a day, 2 healthy low glycemic snacks plus one low glycemic meal, so it’s a program that can be repeated on a regular basis (unlike the 5 day program that was best done no more than once a season, or our 30 Day Whole Body Detox which is a once a year program). Would you like to join me? Take a peek on my website, (look under diet & energy tab) – you can even create a custom program! Already did the 7 day program? Great! You can simply purchase a bag of your favorite protein base, a box of bars and the USANA Supplements and you’ll all set to join us.

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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