One of the biggest challenges we all face, myself included, is the ability to be grateful in all moments. And I don’t mean the beautiful ones when the sun is shining and the air is warm and cozy (much like today!). It’s in the moments when the washing machine breaks, the car has a flat tire, you receive an unexpected bill, your kids have a tantrum in the grocery store. How can we use gratitude to deal with a situation like this?

julie boyer quote 1This is one of my favorite mantras, because it’s simple and true. If you’re able to stop for a moment in any situation and find something, anything to be grateful for, the situation you’re in will change. Yes, I realize that this seems so obvious!!! Yet many of us have a hard time doing it and we can get caught up being frustrated, angry or upset.

This just happened to me – I was feel frustrated about a situation – and as I shared it with my husband, I found myself finding things to be grateful for, as I was complaining. As I spend my days living in gratitude for most of the time, I feel like it’s not ok for me to complain. What I find now is that when I do have something to get off my chest, I am very quickly able to get past it with gratitude. Trust me, this works! And withing about five minutes of this, I actually got a message from someone I had been looking forward to meeting and we set up a time to meet! Something very positive happened as soon as my mood shifted.

As a gift to you and to grow this gratitude movement worldwide, I will be sending out a message of daily gratitude, every single day starting on Oct 1st, (yes, on the weekends too) right into your email inbox. No more than 2-3 lines, you’ll be reminded to live daily gratitude first thing in the morning. Click here to join the movement. As a special gift, I will be drawing for free copies of 30 Days of Gratitude from all who have joined this list by Oct 1st. I’ll be drawing for the first one tomorrow!!

Finally, many of you have asked to ‘pick my brain’ about writing and marketing a book. I would really love to help everyone with this, but in order to leverage my time and yours, I will be doing a ONE TIME webinar on how to write, edit, publish and market your book to Amazon Bestseller. Thursday Sept 26th at 9 pm EST. 




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