How To Raise Your VibrationIt has been a challenging few months around the world, with natural disasters and other tragedies flooding our news feed, how can we raise our vibration in a positive one? The key to changing our world starts with our own personal vibration, check in right now and ask yourself, how do I really feel?

Gratitude Tip: Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations we can feel, along with love, freedom and empowerment. Starting your day with thoughts of gratitude can set the tone for the day. What are your first thought when you awaken? Whatever you start your day with is how your day in going to unfold, so choose wisely. This is why I recommend not looking at your phone until you’re out of bed and spent at least a few moments in gratitude or prayer.

Here are some of my favorite ways to raise our vibration:

First, start your day with gratitude, love and peace. We are on day 5 of the 40 Day Prayer challenge and one of the things we have all committed to is getting down on our knees in prayer when we first wake up. Start your day in communion with God. Pray for guidance in your day. Give thanks for this gift of another day. Pray for those who are hurting and suffering. Pray that God shows you how to be of service to others.

Second, shift your focus. Instead of judgement, choose understanding. Instead of blaming, choose kindness. Instead of dislike or hatred, choose unconditional (that means without conditions) LOVE. Instead of frustration or anger, choose forgiveness. When we remember that everyone is doing the best they can in any given situation, it’s easier to shift our feelings to a higher vibration.

Third, spend some time in nature. Walk with gratitude and give thanks for the incredible miracles that surround you. Breathe deeply and slow down to observe the beauty around you. Allow yourself to release tension and move with ease. Enjoy a dance in the rain! Close your eyes and look up towards the sun to feel the power and heat on your face. Stop and smell the roses. Literally.

And finally, know that we are all connected on an energetic level – every human being on this planet and to the collective consciousness of those who are no longer here on earth. Your vibration attracts or repels others, it’s completely under your control. To understand more of how we are all connected, I recommend listening to the audio recording, Co-Creating at Its Best: A Conversation Between Two Master Teachers, with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks. It’s PHENOMENAL. I just finished listening to the audio and I’m excited to listen again as there is so much to learn!

Happy Friday and make today you BEST DAY EVER!

julie boyer

Create your BEST life! Julie Boyer

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